10 Fantasy Football Duds Who Ruined Your Team in Week 7

Check out 10 Fantasy Football Duds Who Ruined Your Team in Week 7

Surely, if you had any of these 10 fantasy football duds on your team in Week 7, they did a fabulous job of letting you down, ruining your team along the way.

1. Jay Cutler, quarterback, Chicago Bears

10 fantasy football duds who ruined your team in Week 7
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What an awful day to start Cutler, the fantasy football dud quarterback of the week. With one fumble and one interception ratio equal to his one touchdown, Cutler couldn’t even scrape up five fantasy points for those who started him.

2. Kirk Cousins, quarterback, Washington Redskins

If you started Cousins, who should have played much better against the Tennessee Titans, he likely will be the reason you lost in Week 7. How does a big half of a fantasy point grab you? Great job Cousins. And, because you were so bad, Colt McCoy entered the game and threw a massive touchdown to Pierre Garcon, who was on my opponents’ team. Boo!


3. Andy Dalton, quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals

What the heck was wrong with Dalton today? 126 passing yards and zero touchdowns? The Red Rifle was a horrific failure as a fantasy quarterback in Week 7, coughing up an incredibly lame two fantasy points.

4. Ben Tate, running back, Cleveland Browns

Hey Ben, thanks so much for the four fantasy points you rewarded. Coming off of a 100-plus game then a two touchdown game leaves Tate in the disappointing fantasy dud category today.

5. Giovani Bernard, running back, Cincinnati Bengals

We really appreciate the 17 total rushing yards he managed on seven attempts. Oh, and the lousy 3.6 fantasy points he earned really helped me out today too.

6. Zach Stacy, running back, St. Louis Rams

Wow, Stacy owners can thank both Benny Cunningham and Tre Mason for stealing all the touchdowns and fantasy points today. If you started Stacy, he laid a gigantic goose egg, special just for you.

7. Alshon Jeffery, wide receiver, Chicago Bears

Fantasy owners nationwide are just super-excited about the 2.9 fantasy points Jeffery graciously awarded today. Nine receiving yards – just awesome dude.

8. Eddie Royal, wide receiver, San Diego Chargers

Royal was a royal disappointment in Week 7 with a big 20 total yards and no touchdowns. We all knew it was coming that week Royal would float back to earth, just like he did last year. Hello waiver wire.

9. Jordan Cameron, tight end, Cleveland Browns

Wow, one catch and five yards and 1.5 fantasy points? Fantasy owners couldn’t have started a worse tight end in their Week 7 lineups. Next time, let’s go with Dallas Cowboys’ tight end, Gavin Escobar. He found the end zone twice today.

10. Matt Bryant, kicker, Atlanta Falcons

Dear Mr. Bryant, I couldn’t be more excited with the zero fantasy points you got me today. Sincerely, incredibly disappointed fantasy football owner.

So did you have any of these 10 Fantasy Football Duds Who Ruined Your Team in Week ?

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