10 Fantasy Football Surprises from Week 4

10 Fantasy Football Surprises from Week 4

Eli Manning surprises fantasy owners in Week 4 with Five touchdown scores
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1. New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning is the fourth-highest scoring fantasy football player from Week 4. Manning, surprised everyone who didn’t trust to start him in their lineups by scoring a total of five touchdowns, including one rushing score, which gave him a total of 31.10 fantasy points for Week 4.

2. The top three fantasy leaders in Week 4 are not quarterbacks. Those honors belong to three wide receivers named Steve Smith Sr. who had 139 receiving yards and two touchdowns, Jordy Nelson with 108 yards and two touchdowns, and Antonio Brown with 131 yards, who also scored two touchdowns.

3. Minnesota Vikings’ running back, Matt Asiata was the leader for his position in Week 4, surprisingly scoring 31.00 fantasy points. It would take the fantasy points of LeSean McCoy 1.70, DeAngelo Williams, 3.40 Pierre Thomas, 4.30, Joique Bell, 5.90, Rashad Jennings, 6.20, Toby Gerhart, 9.00, and Reggie Bush, 10.50 to amount to what Asiata did by himself.

4. Blair Walsh, kicker of the Minnesota Vikings scored 17.00 fantasy points, which is more than quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler and Cam Newton sadly dumped on their fantasy owners in Week 4.

5. Six defenses scored negative fantasy points in Week 4. Those defenses were Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers.

6. Surprise! Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford had clean games with zero interceptions in Week 4.

7. New York Jets’ quarterback, Geno Smith is surprisingly not shy to blast off an “F” bomb to a heckling fan.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers surprise Pittsburgh Steelers with Mike Glennon to Vincent Jackson touchdown with only seven seconds on the clock. Fantasy owners of Jackson now can enjoy a little boost in fantasy points due to Jackson’s great hands.

9. Due to his Week 4 fantasy football stats, San Diego Chargers’ quarterback, Philip Rivers ranks third highest for his position. Andrew Luck leads with Matt Ryan in second. I’ll bet fantasy drafters didn’t see this one coming.

10. Rookie wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin continues to score in Week 4, making him the seventh-ranked wide receiver overall. He sits among the big boys like Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Jordy Nelson. Benjamin is surprisingly becoming quite the fantasy gem to own, especially because you likely didn’t draft him until late rounds.

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