10 Fascinating Fantasy Football Facts of 2013 – Fantasy Football Chick

10 Fascinating Fantasy Football Facts of 2013 – Fantasy Football Chick

Did you know that –

  1. It takes the total number of interceptions made by Tony Romo (10), Andrew Luck (9) and Colin Kaepernick (8) to equal the interceptions single-handedly thrown by Eli Manning (27) in 2013?
  2. 27 Kickers each scored higher fantasy points for the 2013 season than Trent Richardson did with his big, whopping 109.90 points.
  3. Nick Foles was the 11th ranked quarterback in fantasy points and he only played 12/16 games. He placed better than both Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick who played all 16 games.
  4. Even though Peyton Manning was the top-ranked fantasy quarterback, he tied with the most fumbles (6) with Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Flynn.
  5. C.J. Spiller ranked 27th for running backs compared to his 7th place ranking in 2012.
  6. The No. 1 ranked Chiefs defense who scored 204.00 fantasy points this year, ranked dead last in 2012 with only 54.00 fantasy points.
  7. 23 Wide Receivers had over 1,000 receiving yards this year compared to 19 in 2012; And, 13 Running Backs went over 1,000 yards in 2013, compared to 16 in 2012. It was a good year for wide receivers.
  8. In 2012 both Josh Freeman (4,065) and Matt Schaub (4,008) passed for over 4,000 yards, both ranking in the top 20 quarterbacks. Where were they in 2013 when they weren’t spending time on a bench? Schaub had 2,310 yards in nine games, and Freeman passed for an atrocious 761 yards over the only four games he played. Schaub ranked 33rd and Freeman 46th in 2013.
  9. Jimmy Graham had more touchdowns (16) than the top touchdown wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas (14) this year. If Graham were a wide receiver, he would have ranked 5th in fantasy points at 207.50.
  10. Andrew Luck’s and Russell Wilson’s Fantasy stats for 2012 and 2013 were this close?
  • Luck in 2012, 322.46 fantasy points, 28 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 10
  • Luck in 2013, 338.58 fantasy points, 27 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 6
  • Wilson in 2012, 327.62 fantasy points, 30 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 9
  • Wilson in 2013, 322.18 fantasy points, 27 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 9

(Fantasy points are taken from an NFL standard scoring league).



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