30 Fun Fantasy Football Team Names

30 Fun Fantasy Football Team Names

You asked for it. In addition to my 20 original fantasy football team names categorized by theme, I’ve added a fan’s suggestion section and a few more. Now, we’re up to 30 fun fantasy football team names. Enjoy.

Fan’s Fantasy Football Team Name Suggestions:

1. Hernandez Hitmen

2. Prime Time PEDS
via @dallasdynasty24

3. Kibbles and Vicks
via @MDreher13

courtesy: photobucket.com
courtesy: photobucket.com

4. Victorious Secrets

Courtesy: putinstyle.com
Courtesy: putinstyle.com

New Additions:

5. When Rice is at Play, Keep the Women Away

6. Mandatory Stafford Meeting

7. Tom Fraidy Cat

8. Gordon’s Gardens – heard there was a big sale on herbs!

9. Jerry Springer Jones Show

10. Alfred Morris the Cat

courtesy: legacy-cdn.smosh.com
courtesy: legacy-cdn.smosh.com

Food-based fantasy football team names:

11. Cam Fig Newton (newly added)

12. Jimmy Graham Cracker

13. Michael Crabby Patties

courtesy: flkr.com
courtesy: flkr.com

14. Marques Coleslaw

15. Andrew Luck’y Charms

16. Macaroni and Brees

17. Eli’s Apple Turnovers

Courtesy: city-data.com
Courtesy: city-data.com

Movie-based fantasy football team names:

18. “Horrible Losses” (insert your favorite losing team here)

19. “We’re the Von Millers”

20. “Antonio Gates Motel”

Song-based Fantasy fantasy football team names:

21. “Dirty Vick” (think Fergie and Black-Eyed Peas)

22. “Save a Bronco Ride a Cowboy

23. “Teddy Bridge Over Troubled Water”

General Fantasy Football team names:

24. Michael Sam I Am

25. Victor Booze-Cruz

26. Cleveland “Clowns”(Circus led by Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon of course).

27. Pittsburgh “Feelers” (Do I need to elaborate more on Ben ++++++++sberger.

28. Cry’n Mathews (for when he goes down in 2014)

29. Darren McSadden (same as above)

30. Jake Locker from State Farm (comes wearing Harbaugh khakis)


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