5 NFL Players 30 and Over Still Going Strong

5 NFL Players 30 and Over Still Going Strong

Sometimes we hear negative terms associated with being 30 or over in the NFL. Do the terms “fossil”, “one foot in the grave”, “a lot of mileage”, “over the hill”, or just plain “old” ring any bells?

Being 30 or more years of age and still playing successfully in the NFL is quite an accomplishment considered what these athletes bodies go through each year. Here are some better than ever NFL players who are 30 and beyond, who are still going strong as they enter into 2014.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

Cheap shot? Really, it’s not when you consider Rodgers will turn just 31-years-old this season. He’s got at least four to five peak seasons left when you compare him against fellow seasoned quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, 38, Tom Brady, nearly 36, and Drew Brees who is 35. Rodgers is just the baby in this crowd.

2. Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

Fitzgerald, nearly 31, won’t be slowing anytime soon. For his 10 seasons with the Cardinals, he has averaged 1,100 receiving yards and at least 80 catches each year. Also, Fitzgerald has endured multiple quarterback changes and he always rises to the top. Look for another four plus years from this amazing receiver, who has a big heart of gold to go with his big talent.

3. Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears

I doubt the Bears would have extended Marshall’s contract for another three years if they thought the 30-year-old freak of nature was going to poop out anytime too soon. Marshall has averaged well over 1,000 yards and 100 catches per year his past seven consecutive seasons. Look for Marshall to keep ringing in those stats, and his fantasy football points for years to come.

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Brandon Marshall

4. Frank Gore, Running Back, San Francisco 49ers

Gore at 31 years-of-age reminds me of the Engergizer bunny, as he just keeps going, and going. A lot of running backs are beginning to show signs of wear as they approach 30, but Gore, who was just invited to play in the Pro Bowl, proves he is an exception in this case. During his past three seasons, Gore has been impressively consistent averaging 1,150 rushing yards per year and scoring eight touchdowns each year in a row. Maybe it’s his youthful quarterback, Colin Kaepernick’s aura, but Gore is still performing solid.

5. Vernon Davis, Tight End, San Francisco 49ers

Davis just turned 30 and is starting his ninth year in the NFL, and with the 49ers. Just last year, Davis matched his record high 13 touchdown scores of 2007. The powerful tight end has also averaged over 800 receiving yards in his past five years with the team. Davis should continue his rhythm with Kaepernick, so there’s no reason to doubt he will remain a strong threat in the red zone for at least a few more seasons down the road.

With age comes experience and knowledge, which is evident each time these five NFL players hit the field. -FFC

All NFL stats are provided by Profootballreference.com

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