Aaron Rodgers Claims Hot Yoga, Less Coffee and Pizza will Keep him Playing into his 40’s

Aaron Rodgers Claims Hot Yoga, Less Coffee and Pizza will Keep him Playing into his 40’s

A commitment by Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers to keep doing Hot Yoga, and cut back on caffeine and pizza has Rodgers believing he can keep playing into his 40’s.

Last season, Rodgers had said he might retire in 2019 when his contract expires, making him just 36 years of age – far from those franchise quarterbacks who are playing upwards of age of 40.

Now Rodgers has a new, healthy outlook on his life which he shares with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Lorie Nickel (via Yahoo.com).

Regarding exercise, Rodgers takes 60-minute hot yoga classes set in a 90 degree room with 40 percent humidity. Commenting..

I’m really there for my flexibility. That’s helped. But I think through yoga you learn some good mental disciplines, being encouraged to try and clear your mind. I think those are good mental activities, to turn your brain off, focusing on those moments.

Then of course there is sleep for which Rodgers indicated he has changed his habit of getting 6.5 hours per night to sleeping 7.5 or eight hours. And, of course you sleep better with less caffeine in your system, which has Rodgers cutting back on the vice, reporting he has cut his coffee runs from two per day to just a treat every how and then.

Lastly, the former Pizza Hut spokesman has cut back big time on pizza as sad as that sounds.

While cutting down on caffeine and pizza may make Rodgers a dull boy, he did share that his has an “80-20” rule which is eat smartly 80 percent of your time leave 20 percent wiggle room for indulgences.

In closing, Rodgers had this to say about the longevity of his NFL career..

Three, four years ago, I didn’t think mentally I could handle it, because it is a drain, mentally, going through everything, the preparation, everything. But when you’re getting more sleep, and you’re taking care of your body — and your body feels better? And you’re not in need of something to get you up — caffeine or some spike all the time — your mood is better. And this whole thing is more enjoyable. So I think that has really changed in me. Since I started taking a lot better care of my body, this whole thing has become a lot more fun. And you’re like, ‘I think I can keep doing this for another eight, nine, 10 years.

I must say I have to back Rodgers on the Hot Yoga part. It’s truly a wonderful workout where you feel your system and your mind is cleansed at the end of every class.

Can the Packers handle a 43-year-old quarterback is now the question?

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