Adrian Peterson Wants to Play This Season; What are his Chances?

Adrian Peterson Wants to Play This Season; What are his Chances?

There are only three games remaining in the regular season and Minnesota Vikings suspended running back Adrian Peterson claims he wants to play this season. But What are Peterson’s chances in this slim window of time?

The clock is ticking and the arbitrator’s decision is pending. NFLPA executive George Atallah had this to comment regarding Peterson (via

He’s told us he wants to play this season.

Peterson’s situation is different from that of running back Ray Rice, because Peterson is still under contract with an NFL team. While Peterson waits for a ruling on his appeal, his time of seeing actual play time on the field is running out. With running back Jerick McKinnon out for the rest of the season, the 6-7 Vikings are suffering so adding Peterson back into the mix would certainly help. However, if he is able to return, how will the team accept him socially?

Plus, Peterson’s six-game suspension comes into effect.

The Vikings play in Detroit this Sunday, Miami the following week and then close out the regular season hosting the Bears on December 28. Will we see Peterson at any of these games? Or do we want to see Peterson even at all on the playing field? His chances certainly aren’t looking very hopeful at this point, so we shall see.

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