Fantasy Football Mock Draft Analyzing No. 1 Pick of 12 Teams

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Analyzing No. 1 Pick of 12 Teams


There’s still time to practice some mock drafting, so I wanted to try pick No. 1 for this go-around. While it’s not my favorite place to draft, I wanted to see how I could stack my team before selecting a quarterback. Here are the results of this PPR mock draft.

1.1 LeSean McCoy, RB Eagles

No-brainer first pick.

2.12 Alshon Jeffery, WR Bears

Beast on the field.

3.1 Randall Cobb, WR Packers

4.12 Reggie Bush, RB Lions

I know he’ll timeshare, but he’ll still get a bunch of touches and catches.

5.1 Shane Vereen, RB Patriots

He catches and does all.

6.12 Julian Edelman, WR Patriots

He’s durable and gets tons of catches.

7.1 Kyle Rudolph, TE Vikings

Norv Turner should turn Rudolph into tight end fantasy gold.

8.12 Russell Wilson, QB Seahawks

Can you say rushing touchdowns, please?

9.1 Tony Romo, QB Cowboys

Totally opposite of Wilson to swap out for match and play weeks.

10.12 Khiry Robinson, RB Saints

Up and coming I hope.

11.1 Anquan Boldin, WR 49ers

I don’t know why he falls so low, but I like him as a strong flex option.

12.10 Arizona DEF

Patrick Peterson

13.1 Tre Mason RB Rams

With Sam Bradford out for the season, the Rams RB’s will work hard.

14.10 Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears

15.1 Doug Baldwin, WR Seahawks

No Golden Tate and a fragile Percy Harvin could put Baldwin to work.

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