Are the Pittsburgh Steelers Punishing Their RB’s by Making Them Play?

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers Punishing Their RB’s by Making Them Play?


Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers reported Monday that running back duo LeVeon Bell and LeGarette Blount would be punished for their marijuana charges.

Last week both Bell and Blount played in their preseason game because Tomlin thought it to be more of a reward to sit out. Now as the last preseason game rolls around and most of the starters get to relax and watch from the sidelines, Tomlin is making the Doobie Brothers (aka Bell and Blount) play.

In case you missed the news on the Steelers’ running backs, it was confirmed by the Pennsylvania Police Department last week that the duo was pulled over last Wednesday and charged with possession of marijuana. Additionally, Bell also faces a DUI charge for the incident.

Hey, the team didn’t hire Bell for his smarts, so we’ll cut him a break here, I guess.

Even though the NFL may wait until the whole legal process washes to decide on a suspension, Tomlin said the team may not wait to take action. Exactly what type of disciplinary action whether it be suspension or the unknown remains to be seen.

Tomlin further reported, (via

We don’t do it in a reactionary fashion. We don’t wait for something to happen. That’s part of our culture here. You are going to have people who step outside the bounds of that and they’re going to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately, more times than not in-house. But the bottom line is we don’t approach that in a reactionary fashion. Our business is too late then.

It would appear that at least a portion of the punishment would be making Bell and Blount play this Thursday while the veterans and starters take the night off, as Tomlin said both would “absolutely” play against Carolina.

Now does anyone find Tomlin’s choice of words “step outside the bounds” in the quoted portion just slightly coincidental? Remember his accidental step out of his bounds into Jacoby Jones’ path last November?

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