Arizona Cardinals Smoke the Houston Texans 32-0; Highlights

Arizona Cardinals Smoke the Houston Texans 32-0; Highlights


In the preseason opener hosted by the Arizona Cardinals, the Houston Texans suffered an embarrassing loss going scoreless and taking a beating of on the road, 32-0.

No wonder Texans’ veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson was hoping for a trade, and running back Arian Foster was contemplating an early retirement. Coming off of a 2-14 2013 season, getting smoked by the Cardinals isn’t exactly what Houston fans wanted to witness tonight. Run for the hills, guys!

Here are some of the stats, highlights and low-lights from the starters including Cardinals’ Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald, along with Ryan Fitzpatrick in his debut with the Texans.

So Palmer looked like Drew Brees and Fitzpatrick is making the Texans wish they hadn’t departed with Matt Schaub. Yikes.

Here’s what fans from both teams had to say about the upset tonight in Arizona.

Well, sad for the Texans, but a happy night for Cardinals fans. Are we getting any fantasy football vibes here? For me, Larry Fitzgerald still has it. Ryan Fitzpatrick sucked and makes a scary backup quarterback thought at this time. Cardinals defense is always strong, but they had an soft opponent tonight.

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