Brandon Marshall: ‘My a** should be walking back to New York’

The New York Jets put up a tough fight against the New England Patriots but it wasn’t enough to walk away from Sunday’s game with the win as Jets lost 30-23 at Gillette Stadium.

Taking credit for the loss is Brandon Marshall who failed to get back in line on the final snap. Had Marshall hustled back more quickly, the team would have had a shot at a Hail Mary play in the last seconds of the game.

Marshall has been quite solid all season, although he was troubled with a few errors throughout Sunday’s loss including a dropped touchdown pass in fourth quarter. Had Marshall kept control of the ball the Jets would have had an eight point lead over the Patriots.

“Absolutely, that’s all on me,” Marshall told reporters, via “If I make that play, it puts us in a better position. I didn’t make the play and it put our team in a bad situation. You have to make those plays in games like this, so it’s all on me. It will definitely be my fuel this week to get better.”

During the Jets two losses this season, Marshall has made some questionable plays including an attempted pitch-fumble that occurred in a Week 3 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Marshall termed that blunder “probably the worst play in NFL history.”

It’s great that Marshall is gutsy enough to own up to his errors, but it would be best for all if the All Pro could eliminate them altogether.

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