Browns’ Joe Thomas Claims Johnny Manziel has made a Night to Day Transformation

Cleveland Browns’ eight-time Pro Bowler tackle Joe Thomas had some supportive comments to share about second-season quarterback Johnny Manziel in an interview with NFL Media’s Andrea Kremer.

The way he is now is night and day from last year. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Thomas’ comments come just weeks after saying that the young quarterback has “lost probably a lot of trust” with his fellow teammates after his disastrous rookie season. Not letting one of Manziel’s famous off-field party boy antics of last season be forgotten, Thomas said Manziel now studies the playbook on the weekends instead of riding

a swan in a swimming pool drinking champagne.


Thomas sees himself one of the team leaders who feels it is his duty to talk with Manziel who realizes that he can’t get away with such irresponsible actions anymore. Knowing his long journey ahead, it appears that Manziel, who is reportedly staying late around the facility working out and studying films, is beginning to enter back into the circle of trust of his current teammates.

Checking himself into a rehabilitation center back last January was definitely a step in the right direction for the struggling quarterback.

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