Browns’ Johnny Manziel Says He is Ready to Face Pittsburgh

Browns’ Johnny Manziel Says He is Ready to Face Pittsburgh


By the sheer fact that Cleveland Browns’ rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is saying he’ll be ready to face Pittsburgh, the Browns are tipping their hand that they don’t intend for Brian Hoyer to play the whole game through.

The Browns’ are’t fooling anyone and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ coaches fully expect to see some Johnny Football out there playing due to the fact that Kyle Shanahan suggested that Pittsburgh should be ready to “defend everything”.

Manziel had this to report to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (via about his preparedness for Sunday’s game.

I have to be ready. I think that’s what these coaches have asked of me, so I’ve been tuned in all week.

Exactly how Manziel is preparing, as far the plays that may be call of him, he did not disclose. This of course leads to the speculation that Hoyer, who hasn’t actually been turning heads thus far will not be playing the entire game. In any case, the Browns could not be more wishy-washy about their starting quarterback, as head coach Mike Petting claimed earlier this week that Hoyer would not get the big hook should he stumble up in play.

Manziel, who it sounds like we’ll certainly see playing at some point against Pittsburgh this Sunday, further commented..

Every day it progresses, every week it progresses (and) is better for me. I know throughout this week I felt like I’ve been really dialed in with everything that’s going on and making sure, more than anything. I think it’s given me a chance to sit back from behind and get a chance to really analyze things that go on and really get a chance to slow some things down in my head and see them, like the pieces move throughout the defense and our offense. It helps.

It would appear as if the starting quarterback competition is still in full-swing allowing Manziel to nudge his way in to that role little by little each game as he climbs his way up the food chain.

From a fantasy perspective, those who have drafted Manziel as a benchwarmer with hopes of using him as a backup if need be, may get that opportunity soon enough.

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