Browns’ Josh Gordon Hires Richard Sherman’s Attorney

Browns’ Josh Gordon Hires Richard Sherman’s Attorney


Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Josh Gordon faces a potential one-year suspension, so he has hired attorney Maurcie Suh, who represented Seattle Sahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman in a former appeal.

Sources reported that Gordon hired Suh in hopes that he can assist in decreasing the duration of the suspension. Gordon’s appeal has been scheduled for this Friday. In addition to Suh, he will be represented by Heather McPhee, a partner of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher out of Los Angeles, who helped Sherman escape a suspension arguing that a cup with a damaged seal was used in Sherman’s urine test.

Suh released this statement (via ESPN).

We are very pleased that the hearing officer recognized that the egregious errors that occurred with Mr. Sherman’s collection required overturning the NFL’s discipline. Mr. Sherman provided honest testimony about a severely flawed process, and the hearing officer found him to be a credible man. We couldn’t be happier for Richard, and we were thrilled to help him and the union present a very strong case.

This sounds plenty encouraging for Gordon, a strong player on the Cleveland Browns’ offense, now must switch over to the side of defense.

Is it time to reconsider drafting Josh Gordon for fantasy football, considering the positive light being cast on his appeal? Hmmm..

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