Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel Admits to Rookie Mistakes

Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel Admits to Rookie Mistakes

Cleveland Browns’ rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel faced the music today at a press conference, admitting he has made some rookie mistakes over the offseason.

After talking with head coach, Mike Pettine and general manager, Ray Farmer about his activities that have transpired over the summer, Manziel share this comment as reported by

At the end of the day, I’ve made some rookie mistakes, there’s some things I wish I could have gone back and done a little differently, but continuing to move forward and try to represent this organization in a positive manner and a positive light.

The questions Manziel was asked weren’t easy, and for starters, he was asked about what he was doing rolling up money in a men’s room. So while addressing the public and admitting to mistakes, he also reminded them that he is 21-years-old, and he likes to go out with his friends and hang out at nightclubs. As he should as long as it doesn’t get in the way his day job.

Additionally, Manziel claimed that he doesn’t see himself as the underdog in the quarterback competition that he believes there is enough time to win the starting job during camp. Pettine weighed in on that comment by reminding everyone that they plan on having Hoyer start in the first preseason game, barring any injuries.

What do you think? Let Johnny as long as he’s not hurting the team, or should he tone things down a bit?

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