Calvin Johnson Running in London, But Will He Play?

Calvin Johnson Running in London, is Good News But Will He Play?

Detroit Lions’ superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson is in London running, but will be able to play in their Week 8 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons?

Johnson had this to say to NFL Media’s Steve Wyche Tuesday..

I’m back running. That’s a great thing for me right now.

Currently, the Lions are holding down the fort in the NFC with Johnson pretty much a non-factor at 5-2. So, it would stand that the Lions could claim victory against the Falcons, who’ve been pretty awful this season, (2-5) even if Megatron didn’t suit up.

Of course those fantasy owners of Johnson will wait on pins and needles to find out if indeed he plans to play. However, if he does play, he’ll likely be limited and we may just see him out there as that old “decoy” again while Golden Tate gets all the catches. If that is the case, Johnson’s fantasy points will be extremely minimal and owners might want to go with other options in Week 8.

Johnson’s progress will need to be monitored to see how the week plays out. Who knows – maybe the crisp London air will do wonders to heal that pesky ankle soreness.

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