Can the Oakland Raiders Upset the Kansas City Chiefs Again?

Can the Oakland Raiders Upset the Kansas City Chiefs Again?

The Oakland Raiders pulled off their very first win in 16 games against an unsuspecting Kansas City Chiefs back in Week 12 beating them 24-20. Week 15 brings the two teams together once again as they play in Kansas City, so do the Oakland Raiders have what it takes to pull off another upset? Please vote in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Including losing to Raiders, the Chiefs lost the following week to the Denver Broncos and last week to the Arizona Cardinals. The Raiders are coming off of a high once again from beating the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday, which gave them their second win of the season.

While this may sound like the Raiders have finally found their groove, just two weeks ago they lost in a ridiculous shut-out game to the St. Louis Rams who just obliterated them 52-0. While the 2-11 Raiders have no shot at playoffs, they remain spoilers to others in earning playoff status as a 7-6 Chiefs struggle to keep up with an 8-5 San Diego Chargers and a 10-3 Denver Broncos in the AFC West.

The Chiefs are certainly struggling and could possibly be without their top offensive weapon running back Jamaal Charles in this matchup. If Charles does play he could be limited as he finally practices today for the first time this week.

Quarterback Alex Smith is floundering and there has yet to be a wide receiver on the Chiefs’ offense who has scored a touchdown. In fact, Smith has only 17 total touchdowns this season, the second-fewest of all starting quarterbacks who’ve played all season thus far.

The Oakland Raiders are certainly unpredictable to say the least. Derek Carr threw three touchdowns last week against San Francisco as the team torched the 49ers 24-13. The week prior, the Raiders didn’t score. So, they’ll show up offering a surprise grab bag of full of who knows what.

Back in Week 12 against Kansas City, the Raiders’ rookie running back Latavius Murray ran wild, rushing for a total of 112 yards and scoring two touchdowns. And, if they Chiefs need to be reminded of what Murray blasted on them that week, check out this 90-yard rushing touchdown he dumped on them. Keep in mind, up until this game, the Chiefs had yet to allow a rushing score until Murray had his way with them.

So, will the Chiefs end their three-game losing streak, or will the Raiders pull off another upset? We might as well throw a poll in here at this point as ask what you think.?

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