Chargers’ WR Keenan Allen Gaining Speed and Becoming a Deep Threat

Chargers' WR Keenan Allen Gaining Speed and Becoming a Deep Threat
Going into the 2014 NFL season, San Diego Chargers' second-season wide receiver, Keenan Allen appears speedier and claims he will be a deep threat. Allen said as much to San Diego's Mike Gehlken (via
I'm a deep threat now.
Looking to build on what was a fabulous rookie season of 1,046 yards on 71 catches, Allen has been working on his speed during practices. Even his quarterback, Philip Rivers had praising comments for the young receiver, sharing this.
He always was a great route runner. There just seems to be a little more juice. I think that's fair. If he can maintain that, it's only going to broaden what he can do. If he develops to where he can really run by you and find ways to get chunk plays down the field -- he's so good intermediate -- that's just going to complete the whole package for him.
Healthy and improved in his speed, the 22-year-old Allen who fell to the third round in the 2013 draft due to a 4.71:40 yard dash, is proving to be quite the gem for the Chargers. And speaking of gems, Allen was a hidden one in fantasy football last season as he became quite the hot commodity to score off the waivers. Finishing 17th in fantasy points among his fellow wide receivers last year was quite an accomplishment for Allen. All signs would appear to point towards Allen evolving into his self-proclaimed "deep treat" status for 2014. He should make a respectable WR2 fantasy football selection as well.

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