Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles Injures Foot in Freak Dorm Accident

Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles Injures Foot in Freak Dorm Accident


Kansas City Chiefs’ star running back Jamaal Charles was absent last night in their loss to the Carolina Panthers due to a freak foot injury he sustained at the dorms.

“kind of freak thing” that happened after practice.

Finally fessing up to what actually happened to Charles, Reid had this to say to reporters (via

I’ll just tell you what happened. He was actually carrying a box down the dorms, and he came down the grassy slope there and just tweaked his foot, rolled his foot over on the curb. It was that simple

According to Reid, an MRI was already performed and the injury doesn’t sound too serious. While we’re not sure when exactly Charles will return to practice, I think everyone would agree he shouldn’t be rushed into play too soon.

When it comes to the coveted fantasy football first-round pick, Charles, the words “freak foot injury” are not exactly what fans and fantasy owners of Charles want to hear.

In the meantime, Knile Davis and Cyrus Gray will have to hold down the fort for the Chiefs’ run game.

Comically speaking, what was Charles doing carrying his own boxes down the stairs? Doesn’t he have “people” for that stuff?

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