Chip Kelly will keep Tim Tebow on roster if he doesn’t screw up

Philadelphia Eagles fourth-string quarterback Tim Tebow has been doing everything he can possibly do, including breaking up a training camp fight, to get into the good graces of head coach Chip Kelly.

Reportedly, Kelly is excited to have Tebow (aka his secret two-point conversion man) on the final 53-man roster providing he doesn’t make any major errors.

According to reports, Tebow’s mechanics have improved since his brief time with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tebow could potentially be of benefit on simple read-options close to the goal line where he can take advantage of his size and speed. When put to the test back when he played with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, Tebow excelled in this capacity.

However, while his ground skills were impressive, Tebow’s career passing completion percentage still stands at a lowly 47.9. This won’t cut it in the future.

To remain with the team, Tebow will have to take full advantage of all the playing time he gets during the next three preseason games in order to make his final plea to Kelly.

For fantasy football enthusiasts, it will be interesting to see if the Eagles truly do have plans on using Tebow on two-point conversions. Realistically, we all know that we can probably trust Tebow to run the conversion in himself versus throw it in.

As for drafting Tebow, it would have to be on a dual-quarterback league, or a league where you can flex a quarterback. He’s far too scary of an option in any other format.

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