Colts’ Hakeem Nicks Sports Edgy Play Against New York Giants

Colts' Hakeem Nicks Sports Edgy Play Against New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts' wide receiver Hakeem Nicks got to strut his stuff in front of his former New York Giants' team, sporting some edgy play, which resulted in a penalty flag for taunting. Besides the penalty flag, at least Nicks tallied up some yardage, 53 to be exact on five catches. Nicks had this to say regarding the taunting incident, reported by
Coach Pagano definitely talked to me. He knew I knew better. He talked to me. ... I got caught up in the moment.
Had Nicks kept his wits and canned the attitude, he would have finished the night with 89 yards on six catches. Chalk that up to live and learn. At least Nicks had the opportunity to show his work with both T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne on the sidelines. There is definitely more fantasy potential with Nicks under quarterback Andrew Luck than with his former quarterback, Eli Manning. With that said, however, Nicks should only be drafted for wide receiver depth as he falls far behind Hilton and Wayne on the fantasy scale once the official NFL season kicks off.

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