Colts Trent Richardson Reduced to Punt Coverage

Colts Trent Richardson Reduced to Punt Coverage

Where has Indianapolis Colts’ running back Trent Richardson been all season? Sinking lower each week on the totem pole, Richardson only played one snap last week, and was seen practicing in punt coverage today.

From top-five pick and now working with the special teams unit handling punt coverage must have the Colts doing a re-take on their Richardson trade with the Cleveland Browns early last season. Still defending the move, Ryan Grigson, general manager discussed the trade (via

When we made that trade it was a great shot in the arm. We lost our starter. I felt like it was the right football move at that time. I’ll never back off that thought. I thought it was a no-brainer.

Coach Chuck Pagano also weighed in on Richardson.

We’re going to evaluate the situation as we go through the week and we’ll know more as we go through the week.

The positive in all this is that the Colts remain a fantastic team and score tons of offensive points. We can only imagine if they had a Le’Veon Bell type of running back to dominate the field. For now, if Richardson plays the punt return role, the Broncos will be aiming to stop a guy who averaged 3.3 yards per carry and only rushed for a total of just 519 yards during the 2014 regular season.

The Colts and Bronco square off to fight for the AFC division title this Sunday afternoon in Denver.

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