2015 Super Bowl Contest

2015 Super Bowl Contest

Please enter my second annual Super Bowl Contest for 2015 for a chance to win a $40 VISA Gift Card.

The rules are easy.

Just email me at rachel@liveoc.us with your AFC team guess, your NFC team guess and total points you think will be scored by both teams you predict will be going to the Super Bowl in 2015.  All entries must be received via email by 8:00 p.m. EST this Friday, January 2, 2015 to qualify. Here are the current Vegas odds prior to the first set of Wild Card games that start this weekend.

Surprise, surprise. It will be the Patriots versus the Seahawks in the Super Bowl game.

Updated 1/27/15. It has been calculated that no one can tie. Closest person to total score either lower or higher wins.

Here are the finalists for my Super Bowl contest who predicted the correct teams. If it is determined that your point total could possibly result in a tie with another contest finalist, I will send you an email with a tie-breaker question to answer ahead of the game. You’ll get an email from me by Friday, January 31 if this is the case. Good Luck!


Eliminated: Todd Monroe: Patriots vs Cowboys, total score 74

Eliminated: Jace Cosentino: Patriots vs Packers, total score 59

Eliminated: Dave Bartom: Colts vs Cowboys, total score 59

Eliminated: @Phil_from_MD: Broncos vs Packers, total score 58

Eliminated: Steve Fulton: Patriots vs Cowboys, total score 65

Eliminated: Brad McDaniel: Patriots vs Seahawks, total score 53 – can’t tie.

Eliminated: Mike Wills: Patriots vs Cowboys, total score 52

Eliminated: Buck4peace: Steelers vs Seahawks, total score 40

Eliminated: Kashif: Seahawks vs Packers, total score 68

Eliminated: Chavo: Patriots vs Packers, total score 78

Eliminated: R Shuusa: Ravens vs Cowboys, total score 49

Eliminated: @ttwarrior1: Broncos vs Packers, total score 57

Winner: Tony Delcastillo: Patriots vs Seahawks, total score 52 – can’t tie.

Eliminated: @Fantasy_Commish: Broncos vs Seahawks, total score 50

Eliminated: Legion of Boom: Patriots vs Seahawks, total score 62 – can’t tie.

Eliminated: Robert Feigley: Patriots vs Packers, total score 71

Eliminated: Brian Gross: Broncos vs Packers, total score 76

Eliminated: nes12cjl: Patriots vs Packers, total score 50

Eliminated: @pgar58: Patriots vs Cowboys, total score 43

Eliminated: Joe Limoli: Patriots vs Seahawks, total score 32 – can’t tie.

Eliminated: @grizzgolf: Patriots vs Seahawks, total score  45 – can’t tie.

Eliminated: Lenny Gittleman: Steelers vs Packers, total score 62

Eliminated: Mike Huckaby: Patriots vs Cowboys, total score 55


All who have entered my contest are listed below. The contest is officially closed for further entries.

courtesy: bleacherreport.net
courtesy: bleacherreport.net



As teams become eliminated through Wild Card and Playoff Games, and you’ve chosen one of these teams, your guess will be eliminated and moved off to the right side of the entries. If we face a potential tie once the final two Super Bowl teams have been determined, I’ll email you a tiebreaker question prior to Super Bowl so we will only end up with one winner. Good Luck!


Entries must be received via my email by 8:00 p.m. EST, Friday, January 2, 2015 (see all rules below). The person who guesses both correct teams and gives me the closest number to the total points scored wins.

To Enter you must Email me at Rachel@liveoc.us with your one (1) AFC team choice and your one (1) NFC team choice, the total number of points you think both teams will score combined in the Super Bowl game and a unique user name.

For instance: My guess is the Patriots and the Cowboys, the total points scored by both teams will be 65 and my user name is FantasyFootballChick. The points you give can go over or under the total score (not like Price is Right Rules). We need user or nicknames so we all can identify our entries.

RULES: Entries will only taken through email Rachel@liveoc.us

Only one (1) entry per person

All Entries must be received by 8:00 pm EST, Friday, January 2, 2015 so I can enter them on this post before the start of the first Wild Card game which takes place Saturday, January 3, 2015 at 4:35 p.m. EST.

Bogus or incomplete or multiple entries by one party will be ignored.

At the conclusion of the contest (after Super Bowl), I will email the winner and request a legitimate mailing address in order to send you the $40 VISA gift card.

I will post all entries (username, both teams and total points) on this post prior to the first Wild Card game this Saturday, so be sure to provide a name to go with your guess so you can see who your competition is and identify your own guess.

I will eliminate entries as teams get eliminated from the Wild Card and Playoff Games. (You picked Pittsburgh Steelers and they lose in the Wild Card – your entry will be eliminated).

I will not share your email with anyone and only contact you regarding the contest.

If I have entries that pose the possibility of a tie as teams get eliminated, I will create a tie-breaker question ahead of the Super Bowl game and notify you of the question through email so we will only have one winner.

The person who has both correct teams and the combined total of points closest (either under or over) to the actual points scored wins (including OT). If no one picks the two correct teams, there will be no winner, so make your best guess! I want someone to win. Good Luck!

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