D.A. Claims Adrian Peterson Could Face up to 2 Years in Jail

D.A. Claims Adrian Peterson Could Face up to 2 Years in Jail

courtesy: modvive.com
courtesy: modvive.com

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson turned himself into Texas authorities early this morning following a grand jury indictment for child abuse. According to the District Attorney, the actions committed by Peterson are considered to have been done “with criminal negligence or recklessly.”

For this, Peterson could face up to a two-year sentence and a fine up to $10,000. However, the D.A. also said that probation could be the punishment for people who have no prior criminal history.

According to Peterson’s attorney, the charge stems from “using a switch to spank his son.”

Peterson has already been deactivated by his team for this week’s game against the Patriots. We will have to wait and see what type of NFL punishment awaits Peterson based on the this news.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is already under extreme fire for not punishing Ravens’ Ray Rice properly, so you can bet Goodell won’t be planning on going too easy on Peterson, in my opinion.

Something really bugging me is why is Peterson smiling in his mug shot? This isn’t a photo shoot.

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