Dallas Cowboys Destroy Indianapolis Colts and Advance to Playoffs

Dallas Cowboys Destroy Indianapolis Colts and Advance to Playoffs

Quarterback Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys were a force to contend with today as they have just completely destroyed the Indianapolis Colt, beating them 42-7, which is just what the Cowboys needed in order to advance to the playoffs. Because the Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) lost last night to the Washington Redskins, there is no way they can catch up with an on-fire Dallas Cowboys who are now 11-4 in the NFC East.

While the Philadelphia Eagles surely were rooting for the Colts today, playoffs for them are now a buried hope. The Cowboys’ offense was impossible to stop and the its defense did a fabulous job of keeping quarterback Andrew Luck and the team completely bottled up, forcing multiple turnovers.

It even got so bad for the Colts today, that they benched Luck and put in Matt Hasselbeck after Luck threw two interceptions. Hasselbeck, who is no competition for a spot-on Cowboys’ defense didn’t play much better, however, he did manage one passing touchdown.

As for the Cowboys, not only was their entire team amazing today, but Romo surpassed the record previously held by former quarterback Troy Aikman for most passing yards by a Cowboys quarterback. A very happy Dallas Cowboys will proceed to close the regular season next week with a game in Washington, where the outcome whether it’s a win or a loss, won’t even matter.

Side note to fantasy football players. If you’re still playing in Week 17, beware that your starters may not play much, because a win or a loss for the Cowboys will not change their playoff status. The Cowboys will certainly want to keep all their precious starters, healthy as the “boys” start the playoff process.

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