Dallas Cowboys Victory Has Team Heading to Green Bay

An uphill battle win by the Dallas Cowboys over the Detroit Lions 24-20 takes the Cowboys to Lambeau Field to face the Green Bay Packers for their divisional playoff game.

It wasn’t easy for the Dallas Cowboys who were looking pretty shaky when they fell behind early against the Detroit Lions 14-0. Additionally, things got even worse when they were down 20-7 in the third quarter. Slowly making their way into relevance and showing some signs of a potential comeback, the Cowboys pulled off a win claiming this precious victory over Detroit.

It was this touchdown in the last few minutes of the game from quarterback Tony Romo to wide receiver Terrance Williams that helped seal the win over the Lions.

In fact, Williams was a major factor in the Cowboys’ win as he was the recipient of both of Romo’s passing touchdowns. Along with Williams, running back DeMarco Murray also showed he wasn’t much of a match for Detroit, claiming a rushing touchdown of his own against the NFL’s top-ranked rush defense. A couple of Lions’ turnovers definitely helped also in the win including a costly fumble by Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford in their last possession of the game.

Overall, the Cowboys pulled it together as they took this much-deserved victory formation on the field to clinch the win that will send them to Green Bay.

It’s been since 1967 that the Cowboys were in a playoff game at Lambeau Field and that game was referred to as the “Ice Bowl.” The Packers won that game 28 years ago, however with how well the Cowboys are playing to date, they’re certainly going to present a challenge to Green Bay’s middle-ranked pass defense come next weekend.

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