Denver Broncos Team Gone Bad in Week 11

Denver Broncos Team Gone Bad in Week 11

Quarterback Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos lost miserably to the St. Louis Rams of all teams in Week 11, making them look just plain bad on Sunday. Pretty much everything from injuries to interceptions had the Broncos scurrying around playing catch-up all day while on the road getting their behinds kicked by St. Louis.

First off Manning was terribly off all day. While he passed for an impressive 389 yards, he only had one touchdown pass and that came along with two sloppy interceptions. Finishing Week 11 ranked 12th among his fellow quarterbacks had Manning offering only 13.46 fantasy points. Manning, who hasn’t thrown for less than two touchdowns all season haunted us with visions of his messy Super Bowl performance back from last February.

Tight end Julius Thomas was another disappointment in Sunday’s loss as he exited before the first half with an ankle injury of which he is schedule to have an MRI done. If you started Thomas in your fantasy lineup, he left you with just 2.3 fantasy points on two catches. The good news is it doesn’t look like Thomas’ injury is too serious.

The next disaster for the Denver Broncos was a nasty hit on wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders as he attempted to catch one of Manning’s passes. This brutal hit which actually had people editing Sanders’ Wikipedia page that he was dead had Sanders missing the rest of the game due to a concussion.

And, what were the Broncos thinking rushing running back Montee Ball back into the game? Ball clearly hasn’t fully recovered from his groin injury and commented to ESPN (via that it is “hard to tell” how much time he will miss.

C.J. Anderson handily handled the running back duties back in Week 10, and did an adequate job once again yesterday with 86 receiving yards and 29 rushing yards.

Even wide receiver Demaryius Thomas struggled somewhat and while he broke the 100 yard receiving yard mark once again, he failed to score and brought his lowest performance since Week 3 to his fantasy owners.

At the end of what seemed to be an eternity watching the Denver Broncos bumble one drive after another, they lost to the St. Louis Rams, 22-7 with Sanders making the lone touchdown in this exhausting game.

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