Is Denver Broncos’ Wes Welker A Fantasy Football Liability?

Is Denver Broncos' Wes Welker A Fantasy Football Liability?
Denver Broncos' wide receiver Wes Welker just suffered his third concussion in the 10 months he has played with the Broncos. He missed time last season due to the NFL's protocol following a concussion, so fantasy football drafters who are considering Welker, may want to examine whether Welker is a liability worth taking a risk on in 2014. Welker's latest concussion came Saturday night in Denver when the team lost to the Houston Texans. Per the NFL's rules on a concussion, Welker must be free of all symptoms by Monday, September 1st in order to play in the Week 1 opener on September 7. Last season was a bit of a rocky one for Welker and for those who drafted him for their fantasy teams. Suffering two concussions last season had Welker only playing in 13 of the regular season games, causing his total yards and receptions to take a hit from his previous seasons with the New England Patriots. The one positive factor in all of this was Welker still managed to score 10 touchdowns, and that's because he played for the NFL record-breaking Peyton Manning who tossed a total of 55 of those bad-boys last year. To expect Manning to haul in this many touchdowns again in 2014, would be overly optimistic in my opinion, however, Welker, if he lasts the whole season should see his fair share. Again, there is a big "if" when it comes to Welker playing all season. Speculations have arisen as to whether the 33-year-old wide Welker should just walk away before his brain looks like the Denny's country scramble. However, Broncos head coach John Fox has indicated that Welker hasn't discussed retiring as an option. Further reported by Fox (via is this on Welker's current status.
Our first priority is his safety and well-being. I know as an organization his well-being is our first priority. We just take it one day at a time. We'll see how he gets through today, and I get updated on every day medically on every player, including Wes in this case. We'll see what tomorrow brings
With all this said, Welker makes a risky fantasy draft pick of anything higher than a WR3 or WR4 at this point. The Broncos signed wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders during the free agency period, and thus far in his first preseason game, Sanders has played exceptionally well tallying up 158 yards and scoring two touchdowns in just half a game. If you have already drafted Welker and you are having major concerns and regrets, perhaps you can trade him, or just prepare to ride out the rough times. And, if you haven't drafted yet, I'd probably steer clear, or at least grab him as a fourth WR option at this time. So, do you think Welker should just retire as filthy rich and live life happily ever after with his gorgeous wife, or continue to play?

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