Dez Bryant the Dallas Cowboys’ new Punt Returner?

The Dallas Cowboys lost special team’s punt returner Dwayne Harris to the New York Giants and an exorbitant contract. Now plans are to involve their star wide receiver Dez Bryant in some punt return action in 2015.

Say what? Executive vice president Stephen Jones said Bryant could return some punts this season if the game comes to a crucial play where a win is on the line. However it appears that there will be other team members who take on that task more regularly than Bryant (via the Dallas Morning News).

We may have to do it by committee. We think Cole Beasley is what we call a safe catcher of punts. He can do that, he’s done it for us. He’ll probably be first in line.

Then we have a guy in Dez Bryant who had quite a career returning punts at Oklahoma State. When we need a big play, with him maturing as a player, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see him in some key situations when we need him back there.

It’s been since 2012 that Bryant has done any punt returning duties. He returned 12 punts for 66 yards and scored two return touchdowns in his rookie campaign. For Bryant’s sake and that of his fantasy football owners, let’s hope we do not see the team using him in this role very often. Other players that Jones mentioned throwing into harm’s way included running backs Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar.

It is evident that the Cowboys plan on using a mixed and somewhat costly force especially when it comes to Bryant, when faced with this dangerous task in 2015.

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