Most Disastrous Fantasy Football Players from Week 10

Most Disastrous Fantasy Football Players from Week 10

Did you have the displeasure of starting any of these disastrous fantasy football players on your team in Week 10?

Andy Dalton, Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals

What the heck was wrong with Andy Dalton in Week 10? Surely there were plenty of people who had to start him with quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Tom Brady on byes. What did Dalton have to offer? 86 passing yards, three interceptions and -3.76 fantasy points was his gift to fantasy owners. Leaving your quarterback slot open would have been more beneficial. Let’s hope that Dalton, who has only two passing touchdowns in his last four games gets it together in Week 11 versus the New Orleans Saints. Start at your own risk.

Jay Cutler, Quarterback, Chicago Bears

I’m truly sorry if you had to start Cutler, who was an utter disaster in your Week 10 lineup. Unfortunately Cutler forgot how to play football in a horrific loss to the Green Bay Packers. I lost count on how many times he was sacked, but I do know the number is much higher than his one touchdown he passed. 272 yards wasn’t so awful, but if you factor in two interceptions, Cutler only scrounged up 5.88 fantasy points in Week 10. Lame and he doesn’t even look like he cares in this video.

Terrance Williams, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys

If you didn’t watch the London game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars, you’re probably wondering if Williams even played in Week 10. Well, he did. However with just two targets and no catches, Williams offered his fantasy owners a nice giant goose egg in Week 10. Clearly a boom or bust type of guy, Williams makes a sketchy flex choice from here on out.

A.J. Green, Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals

In Week 10, Green was the sad victim of Andy Dalton’s disastrous quarterbacking, and Cleveland Browns’ cornerback Joe Haden’s suffocation. If you started Green – (because who sits A.J. Green?) in your fantasy lineup, he only had three catches for 23 yards totaling an almost useless 5.30 fantasy points. Hopefully, Dalton will come back to life and the Bengals can produce in Week 11 at the Super Dome.

Reggie Bush, Running Back, Detroit Lions

Yay! Reggie Bush is healthy and well-rested from his bye week, so he should be a solid RB2 or flex start in Week 10, right? Nope. Bush found himself dealing with another ankle scare in a crowded backfield with Joique Bell and Theo Riddick stealing all the touches. With only four carries for 20 rushing yards had Bush contributing an awful 3.50 fantasy points to his owners scores. Unfortunately, Bush is more of an RB3 moving forth with the Lions splitting up the carries.

Hopefully if you started any of these disastrous fantasy football players in Week 10, you had some studs intermixed who pulled you through to a win.

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