Eagles’ LeSean McCoy Confirms Chris Polk Getting Goal-Line Carries

Eagles’ LeSean McCoy Confirms Chris Polk Getting Goal-Line Carries

Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy hasn’t exactly panned out as your overall No. 1 draft pick this season. One more factor to add into the woes of McCoy owners is fellow running back Chris Polk, who will now be getting the bulk of the goal like carries.

This is definitely not what fantasy football owners of McCoy want to hear as playoffs take place this week and possibly next. I’m guessing that McCoy didn’t choose himself for his own fantasy team after sharing these comments regarding Polk handling the short-yardage work (via NFL.com).

He’s not getting all of them, but if it helps the team, that’s what I’m going to do. There’s just some plays on third-and-1 type of situations where I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, where I see him kind of hit a guy, drag a guy and get in there. It’s hard to be selfish with a player like Polk to use him to do those type of things.

McCoy also stated Wednesday that the bigger-bodied Polk would be taking over a significant portion of the goal line carries moving forward.

You know that’s got to go to bug McCoy personally as he sees personal touchdown record likely remain stagnant the rest of the season. Two years ago, McCoy lead the league in touchdowns with 17. As it stands now, McCoy only has four rushing scores all season. He’s definitely not that high-end RB1 that his owners drafted just a few months ago.

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