How Eddie Lacy Evolved from Fantasy Dud to Stud

How Eddie Lacy Evolved from Fantasy Dud to Stud

See How Eddie Lacy Evolved from Fantasy Dud to Stud

Hopefully fantasy owners played their first-round draft pick, Green Bay Packers’ running back, Eddie Lacy, who dominated like the stud everyone knew he was.

Lacy started off the 2014 fantasy football season as a complete dud. Here’s his stats of how he has evolved over the first few weeks:

Week 1, 34 rush yards, 7.5 fantasy points – Forgivable as it’s Week 1 jitters and all.

Week 2, 43 rush yards, 8.1 fantasy points – Hmm.. Didn’t I draft an RB1 as my first draft pick, shaking my head..

Week 3, 9 rush yards and a fumble, 3.6 fantasy points – Sorry honey.. that shoe I just threw at the TV was meant to hit Lacy. Now I just lost to Smack Talking Uncle Rudy.

Week 4, 48 rush yards, and FINALLY a rushing touchdown – Man I shouldn’t have decided to sit Lacy and play Shane Vereen this week.

Week 5, 105 rush yards, and 2 rush touchdowns – 28.2 fantasy points – Yes!! Finally Lacy returns to stud status. Or, darn, I shouldn’t have traded Lacy for you fill in the blank___________.

Hopefully, fantasy owners stuck it out with Lacy, and he’ll continue to grace his owners with the RB1 numbers everyone loves. Of course one thing to keep in mind was the Packers were in a pretty sweet spot early on, therefore they could afford some slower ground plays utilizing Lacy. Still though, Lacy finally looked sharp and like he wasn’t carrying a big duffle bag full of rocks on his back anymore.

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