Emmanuel Sanders Expects to Fill the Slot Receiver Role This Season

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders had a spectacular year in his first season with his new team. To the tune of a Pro Bowl appearance, 1,404 receiving yards and nine touchdowns, Sanders actually had his best career season to date.

Sanders now is telling reporters that he expects to fill the slot receiver role formerly played by wide receiver Wes Welker (via NFL.com).

I’m very comfortable in doing that because I played in the slot at Pittsburgh and a lot in college so I’m looking forward to that.

This would have second-season wideout Cody Latimer lined up opposite wide receiver Demaryius Thomas in 2015. Sanders is a big supporter of Lattimer as we can see by his social media endorsement.

On my Twitter, I’m vocal about Cody because I believe in Cody. Cody is a special player. He has strong hands and is a physical tool. I think this is going to be the year that he jumps onto the scene. I think he’s going to have a big year and I’m happy he’s on my team and in our receiver group.

The fact that Latimer will be the recipient of more than the 37 snaps he played while a rookie is exciting when considering fantasy football options for 2015. However, the excitement should be tamed just a bit with the Broncos looking to incorporate a heavier run scheme under new head coach, Gary Kubiak.

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