Falcons Confident Julio Jones Will Play in Week 16

Falcons Confident Julio Jones Will Play in Week 16

Atlanta Falcons’ stud wide receiver, Julio Jones was sidelined this past week due to a hip injury he endured in his Week 14 matchup against the Green Bay Packer. However, worry no more if you are proceeding to your fantasy football playoffs, because reports are that Jones will be active against the New Orleans Saints in Week 16. Head coach Mike Smith reported this (via NFL.com).

We’re confident that he’ll be ready to go this week.

Being this is the final game of the regular season, Jones playing in Week 16 certainly helps his team which sits among the teams making up the worst division currently in the NFL.

Jones was a dynamo two games ago, with 11 catches for 259 yards and a touchdown. While the Falcons’ a very slim shot of making their way to the Super Bowl, Jones’ presence on your fantasy football team could certainly help you win your playoffs. Quarterback, Matt Ryan’s fantasy stock certainly rises too with a healthy Jones to catch passes.

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