Fantasy Football: Always Expect the Unexpected

Fantasy Football: Always Expect the Unexpected


I’m going to use the popular term used every season in CBS’s reality TV show Big Brother and say you should always expect the unexpected when it comes to fantasy football.

So far in just two short weeks of the 2014 fantasy football season, there have been all kinds of unexpected happenings scattered throughout the league. In setting up your fantasy lineups, you can follow the best start or sit lists, do your statistical research, consult friends or fantasy gurus, or just go with your gut, and yet still have your fantasy team come crashing down in a big, fat loss.

Here’s some examples of unexpected events that can happen to the best of us that can just flat out screw up your fantasy team.

1. Invisible Man Syndrome

Have you ever started a player who did play the whole game, but yet he failed to ever come in contact with the football? Have you found yourself tweeting, or asking your friends, is ____________ even playing today?

Perhaps the whole defensive unit didn’t show up?

2. The Last-Minute Healthy Scratch

Gotta love setting your roster then finding out the team scratches one of your players at the last minute.

3. Bombing Duds and Unknown Studs

Did you start Demaryius Thomas with confidence in Week 1 2014, only to find out your sneaky opponent had the insight, or just plain luck to start Jacksonville’s Allen Hurns who scored the second highest fantasy points for wide receivers that week?

4. Eli Manning Possess Your Quarterback

Starting quarterbacks suddenly become possessed by Eli Manning and Throw Multiple Picks

5. You played/drafted the Wrong Smith

6. Sudden Arrest Crisis

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson spent time in jail last Friday night, and Arizona Cardinal’s Jonathan Dwyer got hauled off by the cops during practice this past week, both for alleged child abuse and/or domestic violence chargers.

Don’t think it couldn’t happen to one of your starters. If you see the cops arrive onto the field at half-time, hopefully it is not to cuff one of your players.

7. Injuries are the New Plague

If three or more of your fantasy players got hurt last week and your team suffered, raise your hand.

8. Unfortunate Luck of the Draw

You score the second-highest fantasy points of 12 teams and you are matched up with the highest scorer of the week. Result you lose and you would have kicked everyone else’s butt had the rotation been different. That was me last week.

All of this just goes to show that unexpected or unanticipated things happen constantly in fantasy football no matter how carefully you plan your lineup. I guess that’s what makes fantasy football so fun and addicting. I think of it like bowling.. you master the game and score a perfect 300 each time. Suddenly bowling becomes mundane and predictable, losing all of its challenge.

While winning in fantasy football is the best, if it were easy/breezy, slam dunk each week, I think I would get bored. So, enjoy the season and keep in mind to expect the unexpected, because no matter how brilliantly you play the sport, stuff happens.

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