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Josh McCown – One More Shot at a Starting Quarterback, anyone?

In the seven complete games quarterbacked under the Bears veteran backup Quarterback, Josh McCown, he averaged 261 passing yards per game, threw a total of 14 touchdowns, and amazingly only had one pick. Yes, that’s only one interception thrown in seven games.

Let’s say if McCown had played an entire 16-game season in 2013 what his full year statistics would have been based on averages used from his seven games.

McCown would have passed for a total of 4,167 yards, and had 32 touchdowns. If you take his 23.00 average fantasy points per game, he would have totaled 368.00 fantasy points for 2014 (using NFL standard fantasy point scoring).

With 368.00 fantasy points, he would have ranked third among quarterbacks in fantasy points coming in after Drew Brees and before Andy Dalton. He would have tied fourth in touchdowns with 32 with Philip Rivers.

While this isn’t exactly what would have went down had McCown played all season, it paints a picture of what he could have closely accomplished during 2013.

How many people rode high on McCown as a backup either because you were a Cutler owner, or you lost another quarterback in 2013? I was one of those folks. I have to admit I was a bit bummed with Cutler returned and I had to find another alternative for my injured Aaron Rodgers. Coincidentally enough on this league, I had Jay Cutler as my backup to Aaron Rodgers. Jackpot picking there, right?

While the 34 year-old still has some steam, I’d love to see McCown somewhere like the Browns, if Kirk Cousins doesn’t land there first, the Texans, or the Minnesota Vikings. He and sophomore wide receiver, Cordarrelle Patterson could really make some sweet plays. Does Josh McCown still have what it takes to be a starting quarterback, for a team who is clearly lacking, for another couple of years?-FFC


Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Eric Decker set to test the free agency, February 3, 2014

It appears the Broncos are going to let one of their wide receivers roam free come March. Decker is a boom or bust receiver under Peyton Manning, as shown by his lack of play in last night’s Super Bowl slaughter of he Broncos. With CB Richard Sherman breathing down his neck most of the game, Decker was diminished to only one catch and six yards.

Let’s just put it this way, Decker is effective some of the time, because he’s got the quarterback with the most passing yards ever.  To be a desirable wide receiver with another team and a fantasy worthy pick in 2014, he would need to be paired up with another high passing quarterback like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

And, how ironic would it be to see Decker swooped up by the Patriots, who sadly let Wes Welker slip away to the Broncos. You know that Tom Brady would be all over that. -FFC



Marshawn Lynch not saying much – Like or Don’t Like?

I think it’s Lynch’s choice on whether he wishes to address the public through the pre Super Bowl media events. However, extreme fans may think differently. In a way, he’s probably letting his loyal supporters down by not expressing his thoughts more, but everyone is individual and what little I’ve heard him say, he speaks from the heart. Quite a passion exists within Lynch.

On the other hand, we’ve got one Seattle Seahawk, who speaks enough for the entire team, blessed with a refreshing gift of gab, and that is Richard Sherman. I really enjoy listening to this well-spoken, a bit over-the-top at times young gentleman. This dude definitely has a career in what he mastered in, communications, in his future after playing for the NFL.

What are your thoughts?-FFC




Percy Harvin Returns to Practice – but does it really matter? – Fantasy Football Chick

Harvin has barely been a presence since being activated back to the starting roster for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 11. He scored a whopping 1.70 fantasy points that week before succumbing to yet another injury, causing him to miss the rest of the regular season.

During the offseason, he managed a few moments of air time accumulating 3.0 fantasy points before – you guessed it – exiting the scene with another booboo.

I know fantasy points do not count for everyone during the offseason, but if you were playing him in a daily fantasy football competition, Harvin let you down that week he played against the New Orleans Saints.

Harvin is practicing again, so the question is will he keep healthy to start on Super Bowl Sunday next weekend? He could get a splinter, or stub a toe or have a headache in the meantime. And, if he plays in the Super Bowl, how long will he last? I’m guessing he doesn’t make it past half-time. A snowflake could get in his eye, or something, sending him to the bench for the rest of the game.

What are your guesses on how long Harvin will survive in the Super Bowl game, assuming he doesn’t break a nail in the meantime.

Really, the Seahawks made it this far to become the NFC Champions, basically without him, so like I said above, does it really matter whether Harvin plays or not? -FFC



Drew Brees throws for over 300 yards as Saints lose to Seahawks 15-23

Even though the Saints met their doom today in a mega-loud crowd of the Seattle Seahawks fans, Drew Brees threw for an impressive 309 passing yards and one touchdown against this brutal defense. I do believe the only quarterback to pass for over 300 yards against the Seahawks defense this year was Matt Schaub, of all people.

This is too little, too late; of course, but Brees handily outplayed Russell Wilson, who passed for a lame 103 passing yards and zero touchdowns. The Seahawks won this NFL Divisional matchup by the skill and strength of their beast of a running back, Marshawn Lynch, who hauled in two touchdowns, the preciseness of their expert kicker, Steven Hauschka with three field goals, and their tremendous defensive unit.

Unfortunately, for the Saints, their kicker, Shayne Graham, was disastrously off and missed a couple of crucial field goals by mega-miles. The Saints defense wasn’t horrible, but really couldn’t do much to stop Lynch in “beastmode”.

It’s surely looking like no team will stop the Seahawks, who will inevitably push their way into Super Bowl 2014.

For Drew Brees, I’ll see you in Hawaii in the Pro Bowl. -FFC



10 Fascinating Fantasy Football Facts of 2013 – Fantasy Football Chick

Did you know that –

  1. It takes the total number of interceptions made by Tony Romo (10), Andrew Luck (9) and Colin Kaepernick (8) to equal the interceptions single-handedly thrown by Eli Manning (27) in 2013?
  2. 27 Kickers each scored higher fantasy points for the 2013 season than Trent Richardson did with his big, whopping 109.90 points.
  3. Nick Foles was the 11th ranked quarterback in fantasy points and he only played 12/16 games. He placed better than both Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick who played all 16 games.
  4. Even though Peyton Manning was the top-ranked fantasy quarterback, he tied with the most fumbles (6) with Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Flynn.
  5. C.J. Spiller ranked 27th for running backs compared to his 7th place ranking in 2012.
  6. The No. 1 ranked Chiefs defense who scored 204.00 fantasy points this year, ranked dead last in 2012 with only 54.00 fantasy points.
  7. 23 Wide Receivers had over 1,000 receiving yards this year compared to 19 in 2012; And, 13 Running Backs went over 1,000 yards in 2013, compared to 16 in 2012. It was a good year for wide receivers.
  8. In 2012 both Josh Freeman (4,065) and Matt Schaub (4,008) passed for over 4,000 yards, both ranking in the top 20 quarterbacks. Where were they in 2013 when they weren’t spending time on a bench? Schaub had 2,310 yards in nine games, and Freeman passed for an atrocious 761 yards over the only four games he played. Schaub ranked 33rd and Freeman 46th in 2013.
  9. Jimmy Graham had more touchdowns (16) than the top touchdown wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas (14) this year. If Graham were a wide receiver, he would have ranked 5th in fantasy points at 207.50.
  10. Andrew Luck’s and Russell Wilson’s Fantasy stats for 2012 and 2013 were this close?
  • Luck in 2012, 322.46 fantasy points, 28 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 10
  • Luck in 2013, 338.58 fantasy points, 27 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 6
  • Wilson in 2012, 327.62 fantasy points, 30 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 9
  • Wilson in 2013, 322.18 fantasy points, 27 touchdowns (passing and rushing combined) – Rank 9

(Fantasy points are taken from an NFL standard scoring league).




Matthew Stafford joins Tom Brady and Tony Romo in last minute interceptions

One more quarterback, Matthew Stafford adds to my list of quarterbacks who totally blew it this week, causing their team to lose by throwing last minute interceptions.

First we have Tom Brady, with seconds to go, throws a big, fat interception in the end zone. Result- Dolphins win 24-20 over Patriots. This happened just a couple of week ago when the Patriots played the Panthers which resulted in a loss. Tom Brady – get a hint.

Next we have the panic-prone, Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys have over a 20 point lead going into the second half. The Packers will have none of that and catch up to win, thanking Tony Romo for two late fourth quarter interceptions. Result – Packers skim by with a win 37-36.

Lastly,  there is Matthew Stafford. No excuses tonight. No snow. Nice warm cozy dome at home. So, what does he do? He throws three interceptions to the Ravens, who didn’t even score a touchdown. The Ravens win based on six field goals and a thanks to Matthew Stafford for a last-minute interception giving the ball to super-stud kicker Justin Tucker. Tucker makes a 60+ yard field goal. The dude could probably kick blindfolded as he is this spot-on tonight. Second big thanks to Calvin Johnson who couldn’t hold onto a ball if he was paid to, including dropping a two-point conversion. Result- Ravens win 18-16. -FFC



My Fantasy Football Quarterback Roller Coaster – Fantasy Football Chick

Wow, am I in a quarterback bind for one of my fantasy football teams going into Week 14. I have Josh McCown as my starter due to Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler injuries – yes, I sure know how to pick them.

After Rodgers went out, I planned to use Cutler, then he got hurt. I picked up Mike Glennon to use in Week 10. He was sufficient, but didn’t have a good matchup for Week 11, so I got Carson Palmer from the waivers, who was awesome that week. At some point along the way, I had to drop Glennon and Cutler to make more roster room. This is when I took Josh McCown, who had been covering for Cuter rather nicely, from waivers.

I’ve been using McCown for Weeks 12 and 13 and I was counting on his fabulous matchup Week 14 against Dallas to bring me big fantasy points, but now I’m afraid Jay Cutler will be ready to play so McCown would be useless this week. I still have Rodgers and Palmer who has a hurt elbow which could be a concern.

So, I’m back at square one. Rodgers likely won’t play, McCown may not play, Palmer could be in danger, so I went for Glennon once again, who I hope to acquire off the waivers tomorrow. Really, these guys are taking up a lot precious room. And, by the way, I couldn’t get Jay Cutler back because someone jacked him off the waivers already. Bah! My league has 14 teams, so pickings are incredibly slim.

I sure hope the Bears release definite information on whether Jay Cutler will play Monday night well before the Sunday games start some I can put SOMEBODY/ANYBODY who is NOT named Geno Smith in my Week 14 lineup.

Is the McCown/Cutler dilemma causing anyone else trouble for Week 14 since it’s a Monday Night Game? -FFC




Wes Welker aids in Patriots win over Broncos 34-31

Welker’s short notice on signal to not return punt leads to Broncos loss

Just my opinion, but I think Wes Welker didn’t give the signal call quick enough causing a teammate to accidentally touch the ball in the kickoff during the last moments in overtime, giving the Patriots back possession near the 18 yard line.

It didn’t take much after that but a bit of stalling on the Patriots end to bring Stephen Gostikowski in for the field goal winning score resulting in the Patriots win 34-31.  The Patriots are now 8-3 while the Broncos slip down to 9-2.

Fantasy point-wise, what a stinker of a night for all Denver Broncos players except Knowshon Moreno, while you scored if you played Brady, or longshots Julian Edelman and Brandon Bolden.

What does everyone else think? Is Wes Welker a secret agent for Tom Brady? Was this a planned strategy? I’m just kidding, however this bleeds irony. – FFC




Wes Welker outlook for Broncos at the Patriots Matchup

With all hopes, Wes Welker will be ready (recovering from concussion symptoms) to play in this juicy Week 12 matchup for the Broncos as they travel to Foxborough to play the New England Patriots. I believe this game has high scoring written all over it. Get all your Broncos and Patriots into your lineups.

Welker already has 648 receiving yards, nine touchdowns and 61 catches as a Denver Bronco. Whether you love or hate the New England Patriots, it will be nostalgic to watch Welker suit up in orange and play opposite the team he was married to from 2007-2012.

If I could guarantee one thing to happen in fantasy football in Week 12, is that Welker makes at least his 10th and possibly 11th touchdown on his old home field, because you know that Peyton Manning is going to pass that ball to Welker at least a dozen times or more to show Tom Brady what he is missing. This is why I have Wes Welker ranked in the top 10 for Wide Receivers this week.  (Wide Receiver Rankings Week 12)

You all know you want to see a Peyton Manning to Wes Welker touchdown happen, then watch the camera quickly pan over to Tom Brady’s face for his _______ (fill in the blank) expression.  It’s going to be a competitive game with lots of fake smiles and dissed high-fives for this Sunday Night Football matchup. -FFC



Players Who Can Revitalize Your Fantasy Football Team in Week 11

Are you tired of starting the same old stale, underperforming fantasy players each week? Maybe you hang on to them because their projections proceed their actual performance. Or you’re remembering that one fabulous week they had way back in Week 2. Perhaps the player was a huge stud last year and you’re still sadly waiting for the 2012 version of that stud to appear. Maybe you’re just a diehard fan of their NFL team, or you’re just hanging on waiting for your 2013 rookie player to break loose.

Whatever the reason, these guys are dragging your team down each week, causing you to lose more games than you win. Does your team still look like this?

QB – Tom Brady or Colin Kaepernick (Ben Roethlisberger has more passing yards than Brady and more TD’s than Kaepernick)

RB – C.J. Spiller

RB- Ray Rice

WR- Marques Colston or Roddy White

WR- Mike Wallace

TE- Rob Gronkowski

Flex – Steven Jackson/DeAndre Hopkins

DEF: Tampa Bay

K: David Akers

We are entering into Week 11 and getting closer to playoffs. If you have the slightest chance of advancing upwards and winning some money, or you are just sick and tired of losing every week, check out these players, many of whom still might be on the waiver wires. Or perhaps you own them, but they’ve been glued to your bench for weeks out of your own fear to be brave and start them over your beloved original lineup.



I’m not advising to full on dump Tom Brady or Colin Kaepernick, but consider other options when they’re matchups are bad, because they’re often bad in suit.

Case Keenum has seven touchdowns in only three week of play and no interceptionsdi

Jason Campbell has five touchdowns in two weeks of play and zero interceptions.

Ryan Tannehill and Alex Smith  – both ranked higher in fantasy points than Colin Kaepernick.



Donald Brown (outperforming Trent Richardson by many fantasy points),

Ben Tate/Dennis Wilson – will get carries with Arian Foster out. The Texans rely on their run game.

Shane Vereen (returning soon) in PPR he gets many touches.

Andre Brown if you’re in a small league, he may still be available. He’ll be the Giants lead man going forth.

Andre Ellington – what are you waiting for? He ranks higher than Darren Sproles, Ryan Mathews, Trent Richardson and Maurice Jones-Drew. He’s the better RB over Rashard Mendenhall be miles.



Alshon Jeffery is the 10th ranked wide receiver at this time. He’s got more fantasy points than Victor Cruz. If he’s on your bench, use him.

Riley Cooper he shouldn’t be sitting anywhere. Get him into your lineup asap. He currently ranks 14th to Vincent Jackson’s 17th ranking.

Aaron Dobson  – act like Tom Brady. Brady started out using Julian Edelman, then leaned on Kenbrell Thompkins. Now it’s Dobson’s turn. Use Dobson until his usefulness wears out, then find someone else.

Jarrett Boykin looks reliable for the short-term while Aaron Rodgers is out. He’s at least got one more good week with QB Scott Tolzien under center.

Nate Burleson will make a reliable flex when he returns. He’ll be the No. 2 guy behind Calvin Johnson and was getting several targets a game until his injury.



Coby Fleener currently ranks 11th for tight ends and I see him on so many waivers. He has more fantasy points than Rob Gronkowsi for the same weeks that Gronkowski has been in play.

Delanie Walker really clicks with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fitzpatrick is the starting QB with Jake Locker gone. He has touchdowns and double- digit fantasy points in his last two weeks with Fitzpatrick.



If you’re still playing Tampa Bay because that’s where Darrelle Revis is, you need to pick a defense based on matchup each week. The Buccaneers are 24th in ranking. All the elite-good defenses are long gone, so spot choosing each week is all you can do.



Picking a kicker based on matchup just like defense is the only way to go at this point in time. If you hung onto David Akers because of his 9th place ranking last year and his ability to crank out those 50+ field goals, you’ve probably done your team an injustice. Akers currently ranks 24th. Pick and play each week for best results.

Don’t be afraid to sweep away some of the debris and refresh your lineups. Let’s make some changes and win a few more games this season! -FF




Final 31-16 Dallas Cowboys steal a win against the Washington Redskins Sunday Night Football

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football Game was not nearly the offensive points galore scoring shootout everyone was hoping for. But, even with the Dallas Cowboys defense hurting, they managed to put the reigns on Robert Griffin III and the Redskins stealing a win at 31-16.

The lone touchdown by the Redskins was scored by one of our favorites, Alfred Morris. If you played any Redskins tonight, likely Morris was your only shining star of the bunch.

Tony Romo was a super, huge fantasy football disappointment tonight soaring back to earth over last week’s 56 fantasy points scoring just over 10 points. He and the boys managed to beat the Redskins, however with his only passing touchdown of the night going to rookie Terrance Williams which I played just for kicks. Owners who had Dez Bryant and Jason Witten were seriously dismayed as I was as also, as these two barely scrounged 10 fantasy points combined.

DeMarco Murray owners are now panicking too after an exciting touchdown start, shortly leading to him being sidelined with a knee injury. From past experience, Murray doesn’t heal too quickly, so keep an eye on him and plan for a backup next week.

I personally wanted the Cowboys to win, so despite Romo and Witten causing me to lose one of my Yahoo fantasy tonight, I’m happy to see the Boys take the win. -FFC


24-14 Bears over Giants at halftime, Thursday Night Football Week 6

It’s 24-14 at halftime in the Thursday Night matchup of the Giants at the Bears. The Bears are up by 10 points so this opens the door to a big scoring game tonight.

For the Bears, Jay Cutler has passed two touchdowns to Brandon Marshall, who looks fabulous tonight, they have one defensive touchdown scored from a pick six off of Eli Manning early in the first quarter.

The Giants are putting up a ferocious fight quickly getting over Eli Manning’s early interceptions and scoring two touchdowns. Brandon Jacobs who looks like an elephant in a china shop plowed his way in for one touchdown, and Ruben Randle easily danced his way in for the second touchdown.

Coming up – the second half of the game. Good luck to your fantasy players tonight! -FFC




How many people played Tony Romo Week 5 against Denver, or did you bench him?

If you owned Tony Romo today, did play knowing he was facing the ferocious Denver Broncos? Well if you braved starting Romo, you played the highest scoring quarterback in Week 5, scoring at least over 50 – 60+ fantasy points depending on your scoring system.

I happily played him on the one league I own him on, and he along with a few key others helped me win one of my fantasy leagues by over 90 points today!

Even though the Cowboys lost, doomed by that one late, critical interception he had, he passed for an incredible 506 yards and threw five passing touchdowns. The Cowboys didn’t win, but hopefully your fantasy team did. -FFC


Fantasy Blogs

Saints steal the victory against the Dolphins 38-17 in Monday Night Football Week 4 – Fantasy Football Chick, September 30, 2013

Both the Saints and the Dolphins went into this competitive Monday Night Football Match 3-0. Unfortunately only one team could become victorious with a 4-0 start and that was the New Orleans Saints playing at home as they steal a victory and beat the Dolphins 38-17.

The Saints were unstoppable in all areas tonight with five touchdowns and three turnovers against the Dolphins.

Ryan Tannehill and his Dolphins unfortunately were outplayed by the Saints talented offense and much improved defense succumbing to three turnovers just for starters. Miami hosts Baltimore next week, so the Dolphins could get back on track with another win against a struggling Ravens offense.

Next week the Saints travel to Chicago to play the Bears. The Detroit Lions were successful in beating the Bears, so there should be no reason the Saints won’t walk away with win number five. -FFC

Saints MVP’s of the night:

Of course Drew Brees with 413 passing yards and 4 touchdowns

Darren Sproles with 28 rushing yards, one rush touchdown, 114 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown

Jimmy Graham with 100 receiving yards on the nose, and two receiving touchdowns


Three Running Backs increasing in Fantasy Value in 2013 – Fantasy Football Chick, September 24, 2013

These three running backs are increasing in fantasy value each week and fantasy football owners are raking in the awards of having Demarco Murray Joique Bell and Bilal Powell on their rosters this season.

DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray, who has been with the Dallas Cowboys since 2011, I have to admit scared me to draft this year. I quickly took him from the waivers after his breakthrough in 2011 and thought, wow, this guy is a keeper. He was for 2011, but in 2012 after drafting him, I have to say I was less than thrilled. His weekly performances were just mediocre and he missed time due to this injury or that.

So the 2013 drafts come and I would just as soon pick someone else. Now, I’m regretting not drafting Murray. He has already scored 46.20 points over three weeks, and he looks as durable as ever.

The Cowboys are likely to balance in a substantial run game also, so unfortunately, I think I missed the boat on the 2011 version of Murray. Just last week he scored 26.30 fantasy points, had one touchdown, rushed for 175 yards and carried 26 times. At this point, if you own Murray, you are fortunate. He’s definitely worth attempting a trade for acquisition.

Joique Bell, Detroit Lions

Another running back I would love to own this year is the Lions’ Joique Bell, who up until the 2013 season had only scored three career touchdowns. He signed on with the Lions in 2011 after spending brief gigs with the Bills, Eagles, Colts and Saints.

So far in this 2013 season he has matched his touchdown record handily already rushing for three touchdowns. In fact he has scored a whopping total of 47.60 fantasy points through Week 3.

You might say that Reggie Bush will dent into his carries, but that wasn’t the case Week 1 where Bell had 21.60 fantasy points while sharing the field with Bush. Even when Bush returns from his injury, Bell will continue to be leaned upon and should be reliable for many fantasy points each week.

Even more impressive about owning Bell is you likely ended up drafting him in super late rounds or even got him from the waivers. Hang on to him tight, because he appears to be quite the gem.

Bilal Powell, New York Jets

Another running back who surely slipped past most people’s radars when drafting this year is the Jets’ Bilal Powell. While Powell’s numbers aren’t quite a replicate of the two running backs mentioned above, Powell is worth owning at least as a flex in most leagues, especially PPR leagues.

Most people thought the Jets acquisition of Chris Ivory would decide that Ivory was the running back to own if you dare drafted any Jets at all. Bilal Powell was drafted more as a backup to Ivory and was only getting picked at the very latest draft rounds, or like Bell taken from the waivers early this season.

It seems up until now, though, that the Jets are giving more carries to Powell, who at this time has scored 35.20 total fantasy points through Week 3. Right now, he currently ranks higher than Alfred Morris, C.J. Spiller, Trent Richardson and Frank Gore, just to name a few fellow backs who were drafted during the first and second rounds.

Powell is still available on some waivers in 10-12 team leagues, so I suggest if you need help for one of your running backs who seems to be stuck in the mud, pick him up this week. He likely won’t be available much past Week 4.

People who own C.J. Spiller, Stevan Ridley and David Wilson instead of these guys are very envious. -FFC



37-21 Broncos over Raiders and now Broncos are 3-0, Peyton Manning Breaks Tom Brady’s Record, Fantasy Football Chick, September 23, 2013

First of all, Broncos Peyton Manning breaks Tom Brady’s record tonight by scoring 12 passing touchdowns in the first three weeks of the season in a 37-21 win over the Raiders. Brady had 11 touchdowns.

This result is the Broncos beating the Raiders 37-21, which wasn’t quite the upset I thought would happen. The Raiders defense was pretty tight at times and they scored than I was projecting. Nevertheless, Peyton Manning with three passing touchdowns, and his Broncos end up 3-0 as they head into Week 4 to face the Philadelphia Eagles at home. I sense a 4-0 coming up. -FFC


Colin Kaepernick tanking in Fantasy Football Value – Fantasy Football Chick, September 22, 2013

What is happening with Colin Kaepernick? His fantasy quarterback value is snowballing downhill very quickly. I expected him to have a tough time last week against Seattle, but at home against the Colts this week? As I’m writing this near the end of the fourth quarter, he’s got 4.0 fantasy football points. Last week he scored 5.78 points. I have to say I’m losing a bit of confidence in him, and am sitting pretty happy that I did not draft him on any teams.

Kaepernick can obviously improve and he was pretty incredible in Week 1. So if you own him, you might want to sit tight on him and play a more seasoned quarterback going into Week 4. The 49ers play in St. Louis next weekend and Tony Romo and crew destroyed them, so Kaep might be a bit more valuable next week, but I’d still look at different options until he gets his game together. If you want to win your league next week, the bench might be a nice place to stash him.

Think the 49ers are missing Alex Smith just a teeny bit?? -FFC


Would anyone even play these Running Backs in Week 2 – Fantasy Football Chick, September 12, 2013

NOTE:  Every group below couldn’t even get 10.00 fantasy points combined (Standard Scoring), except the threesome of Broncos RB’s, and they were barely over 10 points.

Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas – Thomas carried the ball more for 7.90 points to Miller’s 1.0 point. I thought Miller was the starter?? Think they’re still supposed to split, so what do we do this week?

Ahmad Bradshaw and Vick Ballard – Bradshaw 3.3 and Ballard 5.8. They were both horrible. Bradshaw to get more carries supposedly, so flip-flop the scores? – still bad.

Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball or Ronnie Hillman – 6.5, 4.2, and 2.4, respectively. Hard to trust anyone here in this tri-share, pass-heavy team.

Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell – 1.5 for Ivory and 6.4 for Bell. This doesn’t thrill anyone. So much for the undependable Jets quarterback who can’t throw a ball so the running backs will get the work. Geno can throw a ball!

I don’t like any of these guys this week – is anyone else buying, or are you forced to play one because your other guys are out. – FFC



Week 1 Fantasy Studs who turned into Duds  – Fantasy Football Chick, September 9, 2013

Did you lose to a trash-talking opponent only because your “always start’em studs” completely wiped you out yesterday? Here’s my list of hopefully “temporary” duds whose mothers probably could have played better football yesterday.

Tom Brady – not horrible, but about 10 points under what he normally produces. Terrelle Pryor, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco and E.J. Manuel all scored more points.

Calvin Johnson – Mega-not-yesterday with 3.7 points. A early dropped touchdown ball in the red zone was just the start of his demise yesterday.

Dez Bryant – 2.2 points as Romo only had eyes for everyone but Bryant. That’s the way to make yourself the top ranked wide receiver under Mr. Johnson above.

Roddy White – 1.9 points in a game that should have been a shootout but was more of a shutout for White.

Chris Johnson – 7 points, really? That number should have easily been double. Packers Rookie running back Eddie Lacey outscored CJ2K.

C.J. Spiller – scored a big 3.5 points! You were only lucky if you had Fred Jackson playing instead by some off chance.

Marshawn Lynch – Baby-Beastmode more like with 3.30 points. Boo!

Stevan Ridley – Not quite a stud but you’d think the lead back would be better than 2.6 points and a benching for fumbling.

Final prize of course goes to David Wilson for -2.10 points! Stud is a big name for him, but as the No. 1 running back, we all hoped for at least 10-12 points from Mr. Dropsie Hands. If you played Wilson, Mr. Wilson’s people wholeheartedly apologize on his behalf for completely fouling up your fantasy football Sunday evening.


Last Minute Fantasy Football Draft Tips – Fantasy Football Chick, August 29, 2013

There will be lots of fantasy drafts crammed into this coming weekend as the NFL Preseason comes to a close. Here are some strategies and things you should be aware of as you enter into your fantasy drafts this weekend.

  • It’s never too late to do a mock draft, especially for the pick you are assigned and for the amount of teams your league has. offers custom mock drafts for the type of league you will be playing in.
  • Know your type of league whether you are in a Standard League or Points Per Reception (PPR) League.
  • Standard Leagues do not add extra points per reception.
  • If you are in a PPR League, these offensive players (RB, WR & TE) will be awarded extra points for every reception they receive.
  • For PPR, make sure you know the value of the extra points awarded as they may vary per position. Example: I just drafted in a PPR league where the Tight Ends get 1.5 points per reception, and the RB’s and WR’s get only 1 point.
  • If you are drafting for a PPR league, focus on teams where the Quarterback passes/throws a lot (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan,Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford). Even short passes to their running backs earn PPR points.
  • Take special note of Matt Forte and Reggie Bush who you usually can get 2nd round. They’re on course to catch tons of short passes.
  • Beware of how many of each position you need to draft and how many flex positions you have. You many need more reliable running backs or more wide receivers based on the league requirements.
  • No matter how many running backs you need, however, load up on them because they are the ones who get hurt the most.
  • Some leagues let you use Tight Ends as a flex position. If you can secure two higher ranked tight ends this can be used to your advantage in this type of league if your WR’s or RB’s run weak.
  • Remember to watch your player’s bye weeks so you don’t have all of your WR’s on bye week 9.
  • Check your team’s scoring system as to the defense and special teams points awarded. It varies widely throughout leagues. Some leagues award for kickoff or punt return touchdowns and some don’t.
  • Study up on position rankings and sleeper lists and check the latest versions of the injury trackers before you draft. I keep links and pages to all of these on my site.
  • Not mandatory, but something I prefer to do is choose a Defense who doesn’t have to match up against my main Quarterback. I don’t want to earn Defense interception points while my Quarterback is losing points for being intercepted. Or, plan to switch your defense if they face your Quarterback in a particular week.
  • Another personal recommendation and something I try to do is pick only one Defense and one Kicker, both with a late bye week so I don’t have to worry about having a bye week substitute until late into the season. By then, I know I can drop another position to pick up a replacement.
  • Study the rookies but be aware that last year’s class was exceptionally elite, and the chances you’ll find as many gems in this year’s rookies as we did last year is rare. Keep expectations realistic.
  • Try to draft running backs who play for a team who relies more on the ground game versus the air game.
  • Watch out for the running backs who are slated to “timeshare”. In this case one running back will get the initial carries, but his fellow back will be brought in for the goal line carries and touchdown opps. (David Wilson/Andre Brown, Montee Ball/Ronnie Hillman are examples).
  • Try to draft wide receivers who don’t share the field with too many other targets as the points will likely be spread more evenly between the receiving crew. One receiver will have a great week, then the next it will be his teammate’s turn.
  • Try to avoid choosing a Quarterback until at least round 5 if you can. You can add more depth at the RB/WR positions if you can wait. If you can draft RB,RB,WR,WR or RB,WR,RB,WR, then do it.
  • Draft a fairly decent backup Quarterback. I know you treasure your Drew Brees, and wonder why you might need another other than for your bye week, but if something happens to him, you don’t want to be stuck relying on Brandon Weeden or Jake Locker to get your team through the season.
  • Keep your laptop handy and have all of your favorite reference windows open in different tabs so you can quickly check bye weeks, defense schedules, injury reports, etc.
  • My personal favorite is don’t drink and draft. Enjoy some adult beverages once you’ve drafted your winning team! Better yet, host the draft and get everyone else liquored up while you take advantage of all of their slips and misses.

Have fun and good luck! -FFC



What I have suspected: Broncos’ running backs to timeshare – Fantasy Football Chick, August 8, 2013

It’s what I’ve figured would happen all along since Denver drafted second round pick running back, Montee Ball in the 2013 draft. Ronnie Hillman, just never got out of the picture long enough for me to think Ball would become the Broncos’ evident starter.

Expect for Hillman and Ball to be a joint running back committee in Denver’s pass-happy offense, as confirmed by offensive coordinator Adam Gase via the Broncos’ official website.

As far as drafting either running back for fantasy football, take advantage of the fact that Ronnie Hillman is available until at least round nine in fantasy drafts, where people are snatching up the overrated, Montee Ball in round four. I just picked up the bargain Hillman really late in a draft last night and am happy to have him on reserve.

Hillman and Ball


Who I will be watching in Thursday’s & Friday’s Preseason Games? – Fantasy Football Chick, August 22, 2013

People I’ll be watching – how about you?
Patriots @ Lions – Again, loving the Patriots’ ground game. Brady’s pass accuracy has been incredible. Looking for more out of Matthew Stafford – a touchdown or two would be nice, and will we see Megatron?

Panthers @ Ravens – Love Cam, but not overly excited about many other Panthers. Brandon LaFell makes a good sleeper wide receiver to take note of. Torrey Smith has my eye and I loved his 70 yard touchdown run last week.

Seahawks @ Packers – Those Seattle birds have been annihilating every team in their path including the Broncos last week. The defense is amazing and I can’t wait to see Jermaine Kearse in action. Packers – eh will hope to see some classic Randall Cobb receptions if he plays tomorrow.

Bears @ Raiders – Well, I just have to say other than Darren McFadden, no one from that team really thrills me much. And, that doesn’t mean that McFadden actually thrills me. For the Bears, I would really enjoy seeing Jay Cutler pass a few balls Martellus Bennett’s way. That guy is a beast and we need to see more action from this combo. -FFC

Seattle Def Kearse


If you are watching any of these games tonight, who will you have your eye on?

This is what I’ll be keeping an eye on tonight during these games, how about you? Fantasy Football Chick, August 16, 2013

Vikings at the Bills – definitely looking to see EJ Manuel play as solidly as he did last week.

Buccaneers at the Patriots – Not sure how much Brady will play, so backups will be counted on. Hope to see more of that awesome run game we saw last week.

Raiders at the Saints – Guess I’m wondering how badly the Saints will be the Raiders. Actually would like to see Brees perform better that his last game.

49ers at the Chiefs – Best one yet – Colin Kaepernick and his former buddy Alex Smith face off!



Updated w/ Results below:

Drafting Strategy/Research – Need Feedback! –  Fantasy Football Chick, August 13, 2013

I’m doing some pre-drafting research, for which I will compile results and post later – thanks in advance for participating.

If your fantasy team won or came in 2nd last year, or you remember who won in your league, please let me know:

  1. Who was the Quarterback for the 1st or 2nd place team?
  2. Who was the MVP for the 1st or 2nd place team?

I was on two leagues last year and both the teams who won had Aaron Rodgers. I came in 2nd place on one league with Drew Brees and MVP’s Alfred Morris/Randall Cobb.

Obviously to acquire Rodgers, or Brees, you have to select them in by early Round 3 at the latest, forfeiting a top RB or WR.

I would love to see, hopefully, so diversity in everyone’s input to conclude it doesn’t take Rodgers or Brees to have a winning team. I’ll have 5 teams this year. -FFC

Results so far:

  • 1st place won with Cam Newton, and Brandon Marshall as MVP
  • 1st place won with Tom Brady
  • 1st place won with Drew Brees
  • 1st place won with Aaron Rodgers
  • 1st place won by Joe Flacco/Josh Freeman combination using a huge supporting cast
  • 1st place won by Matt Ryan with Julio Jones and Randall Cobb as MVPs
  • 1st place won by Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson as MVP
  • 1st place won by Eli Manning/Josh Freeman combination with Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones and Dez Bryant
  • 1st place won by Peyton Manning


Absolute must avoid – Fantasy Football Chick, August 12, 2013

So, fantasy football drafting is closely approaching, or possibly you’ve already drafted a team, or two or seven?

For whatever the reason, (injury-prone, past poor performance, preseason injury scares, bad vibes, or you just plain can’t stand a particular player), who will you absolutely not draft this year?

Would love to hear who is just too scary and why, to hold a spot on any of your rosters in 2013. -FFC



Those darn feet – Fantasy Football Chick, August 12, 2013

Colts’ running back Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) comes off the PUP list. I find him risky to own and would recommend Vick Ballard as a strong handcuff. Bradshaw should be drafted as a mid-range RB2 with possible downside.

Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs’ No. 1 running back was carted off the field today after hurting his foot. X-rays have come back negative. However, at this time the it is questionable if he will participate in the next preseason game.

I’m reassessing Charles’ value, so I ask, if you had to pick 1st – 6th position in fantasy football, would you select Charles as your first choice say over McCoy, Richardson or Morris?

Jets’ QB Geno Smith has been practicing despite a heavily taped, sore ankle. According to coach Rex Ryan, it’s undetermined whether Smith or Sanchez starts on Saturday. It wouldn’t be the same if Sanchez didn’t get the game rolling with a nice pick six, though. Fantasy-wise, these two are still at the bottom of my pile.

Side note:  Wouldn’t it be cool if the Jets could just sign on the Redskins backup quarterback, Kirk Cousins instead? He’s too talented in my opinion to remain a back up. -FFC

kirk cousins


If you had to rank the NFL Teams.. – Fantasy Football Chick, August 11, 2013

If you had to rank the NFL Teams based on what you saw during the past NFL Preseason week 1 games, what team would you rank No. 1 and what team would you rank No. 32?

I’ve got to rank the Broncos at No. 1 and I’m at a tie for No. 32 with Raiders and Jets. How about you? -FFC



stevan-ridleyNew England vs. Philidelphia Game – Not at all boring! – Fantasy Football Chick, August 9, 2013

Some awesome touchdowns so far by Patriots’ Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, and LaGarrette Blount. Eagles have scored also with DeSean Jackson and Bryce Brown so far. Both Brady and Vick have looked solid tonight.  24-14 near the end of Q2.

The fantasy options are a-flowing! -FFC


Friday night preseason is loaded with Football games – Fantasy Football Chick, August 9, 2013

Who will you be watching tonight?

Dolphins @ Jags – Could the Jags pull off a win against an over-hyped Dolphins?

Jets @ Lions – Who will perform better, Sanchez or Smith, or will the Lions stampede?

Pats @ Eagles – Curious about how the Patriots offensive changes will impact their team?

Cards @ Packers – Will the Cardinals show any signs of making a comeback this year? And, how about those Packers’ rookie running backs?

Bears @ Panthers – New coaching changes in effect for da Bears and a slimmer Cam?

Chiefs @ Saints – Who Dat? and can Alex Smith improve the lowly ranked Chiefs?

Texans @ Vikings – Pondering all things possible in this game? Any DeAndre Hopkins’ fans?

Cowboys @ Raiders – Will the Raiders outplay “The Boys” tonight? Looking forward to the Dallas ground game again. -FFC



Ravens’ Ray Rice to be used as Receiver? – Fantasy Football Chick, August 7, 2013

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Ravens might utilize running back, Ray Rice in certain wide receiver formations. Rice returned to practice Tuesday after rolling his ankle on Monday. This should be considered good news if you draft Rice in PPR formats as he’ll not only earn you points for rushing, but catching also. However, keep an eye on Bernard Pierce who may be stealing some of Rices’ running plays.-FFC



A little friendly drafting and early season fantasy football advice – Fantasy Football Chick, July 25, 2013

Secure two running backs within the first three rounds. The elite running backs will be depleted after round one. The second tier will be gone after round two. If you wait until mid-round two or round three to draft your first running back, you will be deficient in this key position.

Wait to draft a quarterback. However tempting it is to grab Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers or even Peyton Manning in round two, 2013 brings brings fantasy drafters plenty of quality, point producing quarterbacks. Rounds four and five can get you guys like Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. In rounds six-eight you can draft Matthew Stafford, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and Tony Romo. At the end of the day, your fantasy points from your top three picks (two good RB’s and one good WR) and your second-third tier QB will even out with those who chose Brees, Rodgers or P. Manning and sacrificed a top RB or WR.

Watch your bye-weeks during drafting. It’s easy to let this slip through the cracks, especially in a quickly timed draft where you may only have 60-90 seconds to make your pick. You don’t want to view your draft roster after the fact to see that three of your four wide receivers are all on bye-week nine.

Know your leagues’ scoring system. If you are in a Points Per Reception (PPR) league, keep in mind that some running backs and wide receivers often perform double duties. For instance, running backs who catch passes or return punts will accumulate fantasy points for these plays which means fantasy points for you. In a standard league, points are not typically earned for these actions. Study PPR rankings versus Standard rankings upon entering drafts to know which players better suit your type of league.

Be on Rookie watch. It’s a good idea to track some of the rookie progress as training camps start and review how they performed with their college teams. Some rookies might just show some exceptional talent a few weeks into the season. So, if you have a spot for a fourth or fifth running back or wide receiver it doesn’t hurt to draft a rookie in late draft rounds for hopes of a breakout. Do the names Doug Martin, Alfred Morris and Andrew Luck ring any bells?

Practice Mock Drafting. It’s free and there are many sites to experiment with including Yahoo, ESPN, NFL, Fantasy Football Calculator, etc. If you are in leagues where you will not know your draft position until the draft begins, it is important to test out drafting strategies from all pick positions so you be acquainted with the drafting trends. You know if you are eighth pick, you will not get Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster, so practice mocks to optimize the best strategy for your pick position.

Wait until the last rounds to draft your defense and kicker. There are a few circumstances where you might want to jump ahead of your team and grab a top defense. I would only recommend this if you are on a league where the scoring system awards more points than typical leagues for defense plays, and the defense is just as key as say your quarterback role. Or you may want to use that top-rated defense as trade bait for a position you are lacking. As far as kickers are concerned, a few stand out over others, but there are enough decent kickers to draft to where this position should be your very last selection.

Watch out for “time-sharing” roles. If you have the opportunity to choose a running back or wide receiver who controls the lead position for their team, that player is more valuable to draft than the running back who shares equal time on the field with another fellow running back. You’ll get points of course, but if you can own that main guy instead you’ll have an advantage.

Approach injury-prone players with caution. No matter how well they play when they are upright, there are players who just can’t stay healthy for a whole season. These are the players who should enter the field in bubble-wrap. If you are tempted to draft one of these guys just to get as much mileage from the position you can before they go down, it doesn’t hurt to draft that player’s back up for extra security. If it appears your guy will be out for too many weeks really warming up that bench spot, it might be worth tossing him to the waivers and finding someone more reliable.

Don’t be that player who joins a league and doesn’t manage their team. Stay up-to-date with news on your players and watch out for injuries which lead to a questionable or doubtful status indicating you may want to bench that guy during a particular week. And, obviously, get those players entering a bye-week off your lineup and make sure you have someone to play in their spot. This could be quite the task if you are juggling many teams, so don’t drop the ball.

Overall, have fun! Partake in some smack talk, don’t over-think things too much and go with your gut.  -FFC



“Matty Ice” agrees to a sweet deal – Fantasy Football Chick, July 25, 2013

The Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan just agreed to a five-year contract extension with $103.75 million which includes a guaranteed $59 million. Wow! Count on many more thousands of passing yards from Ryan over this period of time.

The Falcons will be the team to beat in NFC South. They are stacked at wide receiver with the amazing duo of Roddy White and Julio Jones, both of who surpassed the 1,000 yard receiving mark last year. Combine that with the addition of legendary running back Steven Jackson and “one more year” incredible tight end, Tony Gonzalez and the Falcons offensive should be nearly unstoppable in 2013. -FFC




Jacoby Jones out of shape? – Fantasy Football Chick, Updated July 25, 2013

Say what? Ravens’ dancing Wide Receiver, Jacoby Jones failed his conditioning test. One must assume has hasn’t been dancing his pants off recently as he’s slipped over to the out of shape side. For now he has been placed on non-football injury list. Likely he’ll get to sweating it up soon and be back to practicing with the team. The Ravens certainly can’t afford any hits in the wide receiver department.

Update: No worries, JJ has passed his conditioning test. Look for an increased responsibilities from this wide out this year. -FFC



The player in the biggest need of a year supply of bubble wrap is..

bubble wrap guy

Miles Austin Darren McFadden RGIII Ryan Mathews Ahmad Bradshaw Hakeem Nicks Jordy Nelson Maurice Jones-Drew Rob Gronkowski

Please vote for your favorite or add one if your own.


Rookie Contracts signed, Geno Smith and DeAndre Hopkins – Fantasy Football Chick

Jet’s second round pick, Quarterback, Geno Smith just signed a $4 million, five-year contract with hopes of edging out Mark Sanchez in the starting job. This will be a battle to the end. Fantasy-wise, I wouldn’t consider either one of them a viable option for my roster anytime soon.

The Texans’ rookie Wide Receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, first round pick, also signed a contract today, for $7.62 million for four years. Hopkins is posed to line up opposite Wide Receiver, Andre Johnson. I see sleeper written all over this situation. Defenses will be trying to stop Johnson while Hopkins should see many targets. Mock drafts have Hopkins going off the board late in round nine. He would be a nice WR to stash as we see him progress throughout the season. -FFC


10 Things you can do while waiting for football to start – Fantasy Football Chick, July 14, 2013

  1. Wash, press and organize all of your football jerseys/shirts/hoodies, etc. Maybe buy more!
  2. Try out some new tailgating football food recipes.
  3. Do some mock drafts from every draft pick position.
  4. Watch the live NFL Training Camps (schedule)
  5. Keep a list of the hot rookies and “sleepers” handy for draft day. You may end up with that hidden gem on your roster later in the season.
  6. Sign up for as many fantasy teams you can handle and keep draft dates/times on your calendar. You don’t want to trust the “computer” to do your drafting.
  7. Repeat No. 3
  8. Host a summer book club and read “Growing up Gronk”
  9. Have some preseason football parties while testing out your new recipes. See No. 2
  10. Subscribe to NFL’s Red Zone if you haven’t already. Fantastic coverage of all redzone activity – you’ll never miss a touchdown! -FFC


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