Fantasy Football: Matthew Stafford or Andrew Luck in 2014?

Fantasy Football: Matthew Stafford or Andrew Luck in 2014?

2014 Fantasy Football mock drafts show Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford being selected in round four or five with Andrew Luck, the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts going off the board in rounds five or six.

Let’s look at each quarterback’s schedule and some of their key receivers along with some stats to see which one has the edge over the other for 2014.

Week 1:
Stafford vs New York Giants (Monday Night Football)
Luck @ Denver Broncos

Week 2:
Stafford @ Carolina Panthers
Luck vs Philadelphia Eagles (Monday Night Football)

Week 3:
Stafford vs Green Bay Packers
Luck @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 4:
Stafford @ New York Jets
Luck vs Tennessee Titans

Week 5:
Stafford vs Buffalo Bills
Luck vs Baltimore Ravens

Week 6:
Stafford @ Minnesota Vikings
Luck @ Houston Texans (Thursday Night Football)

Week 7:
Stafford vs New Orleans Saints
Luck vs Cincinnati Bengals

Week 8:
Stafford @ Atlanta Falcons
Luck @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 9:
Stafford BYE WEEK
Luck @ New York Giants (Monday Night Football)

Week 10:
Stafford vs Miami Dolphins

Week 11:
Stafford @ Arizona Cardinals
Luck vs New England Patriots

Week 12:
Stafford @ New England Patriots
Luck vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 13:
Stafford vs Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving game)
Luck vs Washington Redskins

Week 14:
Stafford vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Luck @ Cleveland Browns

Week 15:
Stafford vs Minnesota Vikings
Luck vs Houston Texans

Week 16:
Stafford @ Chicago Bears
Luck @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 17:
Stafford @ Green Bay Packers
Luck @ Tennessee Titans

Overall, Stafford plays against the upper half-ranked defenses in six of his 16 regular season games. He faces a bottom five ranked defense in three games, and he plays against a top-five ranked defense only once when the Lions play the Panthers in Week 2.

Luck, goes up against the top half-ranked defenses in eight of the Colts’ 16 games. He plays just one of the bottom five defenses when the Colts face Washington in Week 13, and opposes a top-five ranking defense twice against Denver and Cincinnati.

As far which quarterback faces more difficult defenses, it would appear Luck has a slight disadvantage. However, when it comes to those brutal end-of-the-season winter games in December, Stafford is stuck in Chicago and Green Bay, both of which weather could be a major challenge to him.

Matthew Stafford

I’m going to call a draw on their schedules.

When it comes to weapons, the Detroit Lions already have the top wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. The addition of Golden Tate and newly drafted tight end, Eric Ebron will provide much-needed backfield help to him this year. Plus, both Reggie Wayne and Joique Bell make an excellent running back tandem with Bush having expertise in catching passes too.

On the Indianapolis Colts’ side, Luck gets veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne back, and T.Y. Hilton, should just be reaching his prime this year. There is also addition of Hakeem Nicks, who has everything to prove after his bad 2013 season, and young wideouts DaRick Rogers and Lavon Brazill learning the ropes. Regarding the Colts’ running backs are Trent Richardson, who has to get his act together this season, and the injury-prone Ahmad Bradshaw.

When it comes to the players, I’m going to have to rate Stafford’s offensive weapons higher than the Colts.

Looking at last year’s statistics for each quarterback, Stafford completed 58.5% of his passes, had 4,650 passing yards, 29 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. 2013 Fantasy Ranking Seventh.

Luck completed 60.2% of his passes, had 3,822 passing yards, 23 touchdowns and nine interceptions.
2013 Fantasy Ranking Fourth.

The statistics obviously favor Luck.

In conclusion, I would draft Andrew Luck a bit higher over Matthew Stafford in 2014. The red flag here is Stafford’s interception rate. If he gets those controlled in 2014, he’ll easily make a top-five quarterback. Luck should remain in the top five just as he earned last year.

Who if you had to choose one, would you draft this season?

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