Fantasy Legend’s Draft; Quarterbacks are Hot

Fantasy Legend’s Draft; Quarterbacks are Hot


This is the Ballblogger’s Fantasy Legends League draft results with just a couple of more draft rounds to go. The quarterbacks went quicker than a $99 Ipad on a Black Friday sale. If you didn’t grab a quarterback while they were hot, you missed out.

Here is how our lineup will be set (PPR scoring):

11 Total Players, 1-2 QB’s, 2-3 RB’s, 3-4 WR’s, 1-2 TE’s, 1 DEF and No Kickers

I had pick 10 of 12, so here is how my draft picks went down.

1.10 Demaryius Thomas, always reliable.

2.03 Giovani Bernard hoping for a lot of catches from him also.

3.10 Tom Brady I know, you’re thinking Tom Brady in the third round, are you kidding or crazy? Well just note that when I chose Brady,
these quarterbacks were already off the board in this order: Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick, Tony Romo, and Philip Rivers. Brady was a must for me at this point.

4.03 Alshon Jeffery, loved getting him in the fourth round.


5.10 Bishop Sankey, a bit risky with a rookie RB, but I think he’ll be the main man in Tennessee before too long.

6.03 DeSean Jackson, should remain an WR2 under RGIII and the team’s new coaching system. Hoping ankle tweak isn’t serious.

7.10 Frank Gore, he’s getting older, but he’s still reliable and the team just lost Kendall Hunter.

8.03 Vernon Davis, should remain a top-five tight end once again.

9.10 Josh McCown since this league can use a second QB as a flex, he should reward strong numbers.

10.03 Maurice Jones-Drew I see him getting more carries than Darren McFadden. Plus the Raiders will run the ball plenty with Matt Schaub in the picture.

11.10 Mike Evans, taking another chance here, but pickings are getting slim.

12.03 Johnny Manziel, definitely a gamble, but hoping he’ll pay off and most of the league is going for three QB’s.

13.10 Delanie Walker, backup for Davis, and might even work as a flex.

14.03 LeGarrette Blount I see him sniping some goal line carries, as the dude is a bulldozer in the red zone.

With three more pics to go, I’ll choose a Defense next, then scrape the barrel for a couple more WR’s.

Thanks to my buddy Jesse at Fantasy Ball Blogger for inviting me to participate in this fantasy football team with so many fantasy football experts!


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