Fantasy Studs and Fantasy Duds Week 11 Fantasy Football

Fantasy Studs and Fantasy Duds Week 11 Fantasy Football

Week 11 brings us several names when it comes to fantasy studs and fantasy duds. Some names are our usual high-quantity big point producers and some names might have just as well been drawn from a grab bag if anyone had to guess who would dominate the scoreboard in Week 11.

Did you get lucky with any of these studs, or did some of these duds sink your fantasy ship today?

Quarterback Studs:

  • Ben Roethlisberger with 367 passing yards and four pass touchdowns.
  • Carson Palmer with a whopping 419 pass yards and two pass touchdowns.
  • Robert Griffin III 262 passing yards and two touchdowns, and a highlight two-point conversion personally ran in.
  • Matthew McGloin who? The backup QB to Terrelle Pryor with an impressive three touchdown passes and 197 pass yards.

Quarterback Duds:

  • Case Keenum, 10.80 fantasy points 1 TD and 170
  • Joe Flacco 10.48 fantasy points 1 TD two interceptions.

Running Back Studs:

  • Stud of the Day – Bobby Rainey of the Buccaneers with 163 yards, two rush touchdowns and one receiving touchdown. Get him asap if he’ out on your waiver wires!
  • Honorable Mentions: LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, Donald Brown, Ray Rice, Rashad Jennings and Chris Johnson all over 20 fantasy points.

Running Back Duds:

  • Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, and Trent Richardson all held to under 10 fantasy points.

Wide Receiver Studs:

  • Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown, Michael Floyd and Vincent Jackson all of who scored over 20 fantasy points.

Wide Receiver Duds:

  • T.Y. Hilton, Brandon Marshall and Riley Cooper all with less then five fantasy points.

Tight End Stud:

  • Garret Graham as much as it pains me to say it as I thought he would have another dud week just as he’s been having over the past several weeks, had a breakthrough with 136 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Tight End Dud:

  • Jimmy Graham – no I do not have these “Grahams” mixed up. Jimmy Graham was capped at 41 receiving yards and zero touchdowns.

Stud Defense:

  • Cincinnati Bengals who harassed the heck out of Jason Campbell and the Browns offense, scoring 25 fantasy points.

Dud Defense:

  • The Jets, who were pretty much a disaster all day in offense and defense scored zero fantasy points.



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