Gallery: NFL Female Fan Friday

Gallery: NFL Female Fan Friday

It’s Friday, and there is no real NFL yet to watch, so here’s a little treat to get you through a hot, nearly summer Friday.

Hey Steeler’ Fans!

Courtesy: Steelers Fan


Are these two trying out for the Saints?

Courtesy: Saints Fans


Feeling it for the Bills today?

Courtesy: Bills Fan


And, the Lions still can’t win?

Courtesy: Lions FAn


The Jaguars definitely don’t win much, but this one is a winner.

Courtesy: Jacksonville Jaguar Fan


 Think she has a copy of the NY Jets’ playbook?

Courtesy: Patriots Fan


Here’s to hoping the Texans don’t suck as bad as they did last season.

Courtesy: Texans’ Fan


Ok, someone out there actually likes Eli Manning.

Courtesy: Giants Fan


Yes – this definitely screams Raiders. Agree?

Courtesy: Raiders’ Fan


Green Bay does have some of the best-dressed fans.

Courtesy: Green Bay Fan


Hope you enjoyed my NFL Female Fan Friday Gallery.

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