Is Tom Brady Acting Old and Grumpy Impacting his Fantasy Value?

Is Tom Brady Acting Old and Grumpy Impacting his Fantasy Value?

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Quarterback, Tom Brady was definitely off his game in 2013, ranking 14th in fantasy points versus his usual top-five fantasy ranking in past seasons. While not entirely his fault as he did without stud tight end, Rob Gronkowski, for a great part of the season, along without wideout, Wes Welker, lost to the Denver Broncos, Brady was still off-kilter.

Brady, who will turn 37 in August, shared some comments just recently, which, in my opinion, verge into grumpy territory.

As reported by Fox Sports..

You know, you don’t have to suck when you get older.

It’s all very well-researched,” Brady told King. “But that’s for the other guys to figure out. I’m not going to give away any state secrets. I’m not here to be king of the weight room. I do things to make me a better quarterback, whatever they are. Does it work? You be the one to judge. Watch me play. Then draw your own conclusions.

What do you think of the future Hall of Famer’s words? Is Brady feeling irritable due to the new and might I say, rather handsome rookie quarterback, Jimmy Garopollo, who the Patriots just drafted a few weeks ago? And, is that irritability going to reflect in his game?

My fantasy football radar says beware of drafting Brady too early. I’m thinking he’ll rank somewhere in the the neighborhood of where he did in 2013.

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