Jaguars’ Denard Robinson Featured Weekly; Fantasy Sleeper?

Jaguars’ Denard Robinson Featured Weekly; Fantasy Sleeper?


The Jacksonville Jaguars now have second-year Denard Robinson listed as the No. 2 running back behind Toby Gerhart on their depth chart as the team heads to Philly for the season opener.

Coming off of an impressive offseason, coaches are happy with Robinson’s progress, and enough so to want to include him as a weekly feature in the Jaguars’ running game.

With Denard Robinson’s offseason now in the books, it’s apparent his coaches are happy about his progression.

Offensive coordinator, Jedd Fisch had this to report to The Florida Times Union regarding Robinson.

My plan is for that to be the case. We’re certainly expecting him to. His speed is outstanding. He’s stronger and tougher, bigger and faster. All of that is really good. It’s exciting to watch him improve from Year One to Year Two.

I think Denard is getting more confident, more comfortable with the ball and holding onto the football. His ball security has improved. He’s catching the ball better. With that, I think he’s playing at a confident, higher level.

In 2013, Robinson suffered nerve damage to his hand, and only had 20 carries including two lost fumbles. As far as his preseason, Robinson had 21 carries for 94 yards and a 23-yard touchdown score. This is surely notable progress for him.

For now, Gerhart looks to be in line to be the main workhorse in Week 1, however, it will be worth watching Robinson to see what, if any fantasy football sleeper value he may bring to the table in the near future.

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