Jay Cutler is Out but is Jimmy Clausen the Answer in Fantasy Football?

Jay Cutler is Out but is Jimmy Clausen the Answer in Fantasy Football?

After a disastrous losing record, Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler found his way to the pines this week, getting benched for to make room for backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen to start in Week 16.

This probably comes as really lousy news if you own Cutler in your fantasy league and he was your best option at quarterback going into playoffs. Depending on who you have for a backup quarterback, especially in larger or two quarterback leagues, you’re probably stressing out about who to start in Cutler’s place.

Well, Jimmy Clausen is not the right answer this week. The Chicago Bears face a scary Detroit Lions defense who have allowed the third-fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks all season with only 13.44 average per week to be exact. To say Clausen is rusty when it comes to regular-season game time play is an understatement. It’s been since way back in 2010 when Clausen played for the Carolina Panthers that we saw any real action from him. And, that action wasn’t great as he managed just 1,558 passing yards in the 13 games for which he appeared. During that time, he had only three touchdowns and managed nine interceptions. Since starting with the Bears this season, he’s attempted n a mere nine passes. That’s downright scary.

While Cutler has been horrible at succeeding as a winning quarterback for the Bears, he hasn’t actually been that terrible as a fantasy football quarterback. He currently ranks among his fellow quarterbacks, ninth in fantasy points, ninth in passing yards and seventh in touchdowns. Losing Cutler from your fantasy team in Week 16 could actually hurt if you have no better options.

If you’re now left high and dry without Cutler on your team, Clausen playing raw against the Detroit Lions’ defense who rank fifth in quarterback sacks and third in interceptions certainly doesn’t sound like a solid plan going into playoffs.

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