Jets Set Their Eye On Free Agent Josh McCown

Jets Set Their Eye On Free Agent Josh McCown

Some team in need of an improvement at Quarterback should sweep up McCown as he hits the free agency this March. And, why not the Jets? Geno Smith was less than dazzling his rookie year and we’re not even sure what the Jets have in store for Mark Sanchez and his array of goofy headbands for the 2014 season.

McCown posted awesome statistics while he filled in for Jay Cuter last season, including 13 touchdowns and only one interception over seven weeks. At 34, he should have a couple of decent seasons still locked up inside that arm.

Geno Smith wasn’t horrible, but could be motivated to compete for the starting job with the threat of McCown in the picture.

Also a huge need for the Jets is some reliable receivers. Perhaps Hakeem Nicks and/or Jeremy Maclin would be a good fit, especially with McCown in the driver’s seat. -FFC

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