Should Jimmy Graham Become a Wide Receiver?

Should Jimmy Graham Become a Wide Receiver?

According to ESPN sources, Jimmy Graham lined up 33% of the time as a tight end. He was in the slot 45% of his time, and he played as an outside receiver 22% of his total positioning in 2013.

He would have ranked fourth among wide receivers in fantasy points, so there are valid points to be made. And, the salary difference of about $4 million total over a franchise career is huge.

I’m also reading that tight end Dennis Pitta is bargaining for the same thing as Graham. I can get Graham, but Pitta has a way to go.

What is your take on the Saints first of all attempting to keep Graham, and should he be repositioned into a wide receiver, and paid so? I am leaning that way, because the guy is just out of his class compared to most all other tight end positions.

Rob Gronkowski is the only other tight end who could somewhat compare, but his injuries are keeping him miles away from any decision like this for now.



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