Is Jimmy Graham the Reason the New Orleans Saints are Losing?

Is Jimmy Graham the Reason the New Orleans Saints are Losing?

The New Orleans Saints have been extremely awful lately and losing many more games than they are winning. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has severely declined in production making many speculate that he could be playing a major role in the Saints’ losses.

Graham has a career-high three dropped passes this season, and has only managed 101 receiving yards off of 12 catches in four games. Among those games was a major goose-egg Graham laid in Week 13 at Pittsburgh. We know he has been dealing with a right shoulder sprain, but it appears that the sprain is worse than we originally thought because Graham hasn’t been able to lunge and fight for those balls he normally would have caught.

Coach Sean Payton weighed in on the Saints struggles after their humiliating loss to the Carolina Panthers (via

We’ve got to be able to handle some balls that are thrown our way. And sometimes it’s going to be tight, and sometimes it’s going to be bumped. That’s part of the deal.

While Payton remained closed-mouthed on Graham’s injury, Graham has claimed that he’s managing the pain “every day” and that his shoulder “has really held him back sometimes”.

Statistically speaking, Graham’s production has dropped while playing through injuries like his 2012 wrist injury and his 2013 torn plantar fascia. When healthy, Graham manages an average of eight catches, 104 yards and one touchdown each game. A hurt Graham is far less productive and averages 4.5 catches with 52 yards and 0.8 touchdowns per game.

The Saints play at Chicago in Monday Night Football, where quarterback Drew Brees has a more-than-ideal matchup as far as earning fantasy points and snagging a Saints win. However, I’m not sure I’d trust Graham for his usual rewarding of fantasy points while limited. Be wise about starting him during fantasy playoff time.

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