Johnny Manziel Was a Disaster as a Fantasy Football Quarterback

Johnny Manziel Was a Disaster as a Fantasy Football Quarterback

Please tell me you did not start Cleveland Browns’ rookie quarterback, Johnny Manziel as your starting quarterback today, please. If you did, hopefully, you’ve stopped crying as it’s been about seven hours since Manziel finished up what was a complete disaster of a fantasy football performance today.

Managing only 80 passing yards for the day, Manziel threw two interceptions and was sacked three times as the Cleveland Browns went scoreless and got torched by the Cincinnati Bengals. I think people thought Manziel would struggle some, but this was just horrible and if for some reason he was in your starting lineup, you’re likely done for the season. Kind of just like the Browns’ hopes for playoffs are done for the season.

If the .50 fantasy points Manziel coughed up today didn’t hurt you, then you’re probably about as lucky as Cam Newton was to come out of his car accident in such good shape.

You have to wonder what the Browns are going to do next week. Will they stick with Manziel or go back to Brian Hoyer? I can tell you one thing for sure is don’t start Manziel no matter what. Eli Manning would have been a much better choice if you were fishing for quarterbacks off the waiver wire for Week 15. Good luck next week and steer clear of Manziel, please.

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