Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Expect to Grow 5 Inches by Sunday

Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Expect to Grow 5 Inches by Sunday

The Cleveland Browns named rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel the starter for this Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Quickly addressing his height regarding some snarky comment that Bengals’ coach Marvin Lewis made, Manziel had this tell reporters today (via

It’s absolutely funny, my height, I’m not gonna sprout five inches over the course of the week. It is what it is, my height is my height and I have to overcome it with the other pieces of my game.

Manziel’s comment about “not sprouting five inches” comes on the heals of a comment Lewis made about Manziel after finding out he received the start.

Lewis, who chose to take the low-road when talking about Manziel to a local radio station (via stated..

You’ve got to go defend the offense. You don’t defend the player.

Then Lewis added:

Particularly a midget.

Lewis then apologized:

I apologize to Johnny, the Browns and all the fans in Cleveland. It was just a poor remark. I really didn’t mean anything by it.

Nevertheless, it appears Johnny Football is taking it all in stride and he has more important things to focus on as he starts his very first regular season NFL game. Making a very good point, Manziel further went on to state that he doubts that the Bengals would question Drew Brees’ height (also six foot) if they were facing the New Orleans Saints.

Apparently coach Lewis called a couple of people in the Browns’ organization to apologize, however Manziel was busy practicing so didn’t take the calls. It’s all so silly really and Manziel doesn’t seem to mind. However we all know that he’s going to want to put the screws to Lewis’ Bengals on Sunday and if the Browns win, Johnny Football can enjoy some personal sweet revenge.

The Browns host the Bengals this Sunday and this surely will be a game not to miss if you are a Browns or Johnny Football fan, or if you just don’t like the Bengals.

Is anyone out there taking a chance on starting Manziel in their fantasy lineups in Week 15? It’s almost a dare, isn’t it?

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