Could Kirk Cousins Permanently Replace RGIII? Crazy Things Happen in the NFL

Could Kirk Cousins Permanently Replace RGIII? Crazy Things Happen in the NFL


As we all know, Washington Redskins’ fans or not is that backup quarterback Kirk Cousins is doing a phenomenal job in the absence of Robert Griffin III, posing the obvious question as to whether he could stand to permanently replace RGIII.

Head coach Jay Gruden declared back in August that Griffin holds “the keys to the franchise” in his hands. Does Gruden hold firm to that statement now?

When asked if Cousins could potentially become a permanent replacement for Griffin, this what what Gruden had to say to the New York Daily News (via

Crazy things have happened in NFL. I’m not going to discount anything.

Well, from this statement, Gruden’s response was far from a denial that Cousins could be a permanent starter. And, he certainly didn’t build up Griffin. It’s a definite controversy to say the least, and the team has invested so much in RGIII just to give up on him.

For now, while RGIII is on the mend, enjoy playing Cousins in your fantasy matchups. If you’re one to follow the stats, Cousins currently ranks 11th among his fellow quarterbacks and that is without playing in the first game and a some of Week 2. With that said, Cousins has been a solid fantasy option, and has earned more points than other starting quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady and Tony Romo.

Next up in Week 4, Cousins and the team face the New York Giants for Thursday Night Football. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate starting him in this game, if I was fortunate enough to own him that is.

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