Last Minute Fantasy Football Draft Tips – Fantasy Football Chick

Last Minute Fantasy Football Draft Tips – Fantasy Football Chick, August 29, 2013

There will be lots of fantasy drafts crammed into this coming weekend as the NFL Preseason comes to a close. Here are some strategies and things you should be aware of as you enter into your fantasy drafts this weekend.

  • It’s never too late to do a mock draft, especially for the pick you are assigned and for the amount of teams your league has. offers custom mock drafts for the type of league you will be playing in.
  • Know your type of league whether you are in a Standard League or Points Per Reception (PPR) League.
  • Standard Leagues do not add extra points per reception.
  • If you are in a PPR League, these offensive players (RB, WR & TE) will be awarded extra points for every reception they receive.
  • For PPR, make sure you know the value of the extra points awarded as they may vary per position. Example: I just drafted in a PPR league where the Tight Ends get 1.5 points per reception, and the RB’s and WR’s get only 1 point.
  • If you are drafting for a PPR league, focus on teams where the Quarterback passes/throws a lot (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan,Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford). Even short passes to their running backs earn PPR points.
  • Take special note of Matt Forte and Reggie Bush who you usually can get 2nd round. They’re on course to catch tons of short passes.
  • Beware of how many of each position you need to draft and how many flex positions you have. You many need more reliable running backs or more wide receivers based on the league requirements.
  • No matter how many running backs you need, however, load up on them because they are the ones who get hurt the most.
  • Some leagues let you use Tight Ends as a flex position. If you can secure two higher ranked tight ends this can be used to your advantage in this type of league if your WR’s or RB’s run weak.
  • Remember to watch your player’s bye weeks so you don’t have all of your WR’s on bye week 9.
  • Check your team’s scoring system as to the defense and special teams points awarded. It varies widely throughout leagues. Some leagues award for kickoff or punt return touchdowns and some don’t.
  • Study up on position rankings and sleeper lists and check the latest versions of the injury trackers before you draft. I keep links and pages to all of these on my site.
  • Not mandatory, but something I prefer to do is choose a Defense who doesn’t have to match up against my main Quarterback. I don’t want to earn Defense interception points while my Quarterback is losing points for being intercepted. Or, plan to switch your defense if they face your Quarterback in a particular week.
  • Another personal recommendation and something I try to do is pick only one Defense and one Kicker, both with a late bye week so I don’t have to worry about having a bye week substitute until late into the season. By then, I know I can drop another position to pick up a replacement.
  • Study the rookies but be aware that last year’s class was exceptionally elite, and the chances you’ll find as many gems in this year’s rookies as we did last year is rare. Keep expectations realistic.
  • Try to draft running backs who play for a team who relies more on the ground game versus the air game.
  • Watch out for the running backs who are slated to “timeshare”. In this case one running back will get the initial carries, but his fellow back will be brought in for the goal line carries and touchdown opps. (David Wilson/Andre Brown, Montee Ball/Ronnie Hillman are examples).
  • Try to draft wide receivers who don’t share the field with too many other targets as the points will likely be spread more evenly between the receiving crew. One receiver will have a great week, then the next it will be his teammate’s turn.
  • Try to avoid choosing a Quarterback until at least round 5 if you can. You can add more depth at the RB/WR positions if you can wait. If you can draft RB,RB,WR,WR or RB,WR,RB,WR, then do it.
  • Draft a fairly decent backup Quarterback. I know you treasure your Drew Brees, and wonder why you might need another other than for your bye week, but if something happens to him, you don’t want to be stuck relying on Brandon Weeden or Jake Locker to get your team through the season.
  • Keep your laptop handy and have all of your favorite reference windows open in different tabs so you can quickly check bye weeks, defense schedules, injury reports, etc.
  • My personal favorite is don’t drink and draft. Enjoy some adult beverages once you’ve drafted your winning team! Better yet, host the draft and get everyone else liquored up while you take advantage of all of their slips and misses.

Have fun and good luck! -FFC


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